The healing powers of nature are unfathomable, and its calming vibrations can be easily accessed within a Tree Agate crystal. Whenever you feel like you need to bask in the warmth of nature, this healing crystal can bring that to you even if you’re just in the comforts of your own room.

Tree Agate is a transformative crystal that lets your roots dig deeper and bring emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

It is a crystal that is drawn to support you and bring unity in your relationships, career, and wealth, just like the steadfastness of a tree. 

Discover how Tree Agate can bring forth growth in you in more ways that you never even imagined.

Tree Agate OriginsOrigins of Tree Agate

Tree Agate’s surface is like a capsule of the lush forest offset with a pristine white. It is symbolically connected to the Earth, which was why it was often used in agriculture. 

The Greeks have associated it with the dryads, which were the nymphs of the woodlands. They were the protectors of plants, forests, and fauna; this is also why this crystal is linked to abundance and growth.

Agates were also used as talismans by the Greeks and Egyptians as it is known to deflect negative influences from affecting one’s energy.

Today, Tree Agate is commonly found in Brazil, Egypt, and India. Its unique appearance is attributed to manganese and iron inclusions.

It also has the name of Dendrite Agate, and Dendrites are stones or crystals that exhibit foliage or fern-like appearance on their surfaces.

Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Tree Agate

Tree Agate is deeply connected to nature, which is why its healing properties to bring forth plentitude to plants and enhance their growth.

Likewise, it imbibes the calming vibrations of Mother Earth and is incredibly helpful for you to access a meditative state. 

Its vibrant green color is connected to the heart chakra; thus, when you meditate with it, you’ll feel your heart lighten from the emotional burdens you’ve struggled with before. 

Like the ever-growing roots and branches of a tree, this transformative crystal gives you a sense of security and support.

It imbibes union in your surroundings, may it be with your office mates, family, or friends. Tree Agate’s steadfast energy brings harmony to all your relationships and diminishes the ego.

The more you keep Tree Agate with you, the more you’ll see your life flourish in various ways. 

Healinga Properties of Tree Agate

It is also a stone of luck and plentitude. Like Jade and Aventurine, the green hues in Tree Agate aids in attracting the wealth you want to manifest.

It brings fullness and success to your new business ventures and ensures that the fruits of your labor will be returned. 

Tree Agate reflects the natural cycles of life, just like how a plant grows in strength. 

Alongside this, it is also an excellent crystal to have whenever you are in a financial crisis. It brings calmness so that you remain collected and actively find solutions for your current problems. 

Tree Agate teaches you that these experiences are vital for your growth even if you can’t see it at first.

This crystal also promotes maturity and humility. It washes away egotism and arrogance so that harmony in your relationships will flourish. When you are in your workplace, bringing Tree Agate to meetings or even just casual events and it can bring forth unity.

It instills supportiveness and focus for everyone. 

Tree Agate also nourishes you in a way that you feel more empowered and decisive when it comes to tackling day to day tasks or long term goals.

It helps you to achieve what you set out for yourself, even if there are no people to see you overcome obstacles. 

Above all else, this transformative crystal values your growth but enables you to be rooted firmly so that you aren’t clouded by ego.

Tree Agate is a wonderful crystal to incorporate into your life to stay connected with the stability and tranquility of nature. 

Tree Agate Usage

How To Use Tree Agate

The first thing to keep in mind when you acquire a crystal is you have to cleanse and charge it. There are many ways to cleanse crystals, but not all methods can be good for them. 

You can clean Tree Agate using running water and soap but make sure only to have mild solutions. Pat dry them immediately and make sure no moisture is left. Another way you can do is cleanse it using singing bowls. 

Music has a wonderful cleaning effect on crystals. Just place your Tree Agate near it and strike the singing bowl gently and continue the sound by circling the stick.

Never put your crystal inside the singing bowl because this can be both damaging for them.

After cleansing your Tree Agate crystal, you can then charge it. You can do this by projecting your intentions to it. While Tree Agate may have different uses, you can harness its healing and transformative properties more when given direction. 

Incorporate with mantra meditation

Mantra meditation is a powerful and mindful activity that can boost you throughout the day.

Meditation might be daunting to some, especially beginners, but having mantras to repeat can give you focus and instill a specific attitude. 

You can use Tree Agate by placing it in your left hand since it is closest to the heart and start meditating with it. It might just be for a few minutes, but it can already make you feel grounded and have the right outlook. 

If you don’t know where to start, here are some mantras that might resonate with you.

Incorporate with mantra meditation
Incorporate with mantra meditation
Incorporare with mantra meditation


Alongside this, it’s also best if you can meditate in a garden, or even just in a little nook where your houseplants reside. Having a “part” of nature with you while meditating can deepen emotional stability and meditative peace. 

Wear as jewelry

Wearing Tree Agate is an ideal way to harness its healing properties actively and doesn’t require your full attention. You can wear it as a necklace, and it can bring emotional tranquility, especially that it resonates with the heart chakra.

You can also wear a Tree Agate bracelet while meditating, and it can help you to be more grounded.

When you’re at the office, this crystal can also help defuse tensions with your officemates and bring collaborative energy. 

Use it to bring growth for your plants. 

If you have a green thumb, having Tree Agate with you while you’re tending to your plants can aid in boosting their growth. You can also bury a Tree Agate stone in the soil of the plants that have problems.

Tree Agate is a healing crystal that reconnects you to the Earth, cultivates humility within you, and helps you grow into the person you aspire to be.

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