Amazonite is a soothing stone that embodies both the fierceness and solid friendship the Amazonian tribe had. This stone lends fortitude in difficult life changes and also shares a nurturing, gentle energy. It’s an attractive stone that is also likened to the coolness of Jade.

Amazonite is a stone that exudes a quiet confidence, helps you strengthen your friendships, and imbibes you with your courage. 

Discover how Amazonite can bring strength and fortitude in your relationships and within you. 

amazonite origins

Origins of Amazonite

Contrary to popular belief, Amazonite actually got its name from the Amazon River rather than the warrior tribe. However, it does embody the qualities and strengths of the Amazon women. 

In Greek mythology, the Amazons was a matriarchal tribe of woman warriors that worshipped the goddess of the hunt, Artemis.

The goddess was a “virgin” as she embodied both masculine and feminine energies, thus making her “whole.” 

The Amazons also have this trait as they both have the prowess of strength and have a nurturing nature.

These women may be battle-ready, but they also uphold friendship, courage, and loyalty in their sisterhood. Like the Amazons, Amazonite is known for the strength it imbibes to the wearer. 

Amazonite has a blue-green color and is usually veined. Today, it can be found in the US, Canada, Brazil, India, Russia, Mozambique, and Namibia. 

Healing Properties

Healing Properties

Since Amazonite is both blue and green in color, it also resonates with the throat chakra (blue) and the heart chakra (green). Because of this, it can be beneficial for assisting with communication and relationships.

This healing stone is known for transmuting destructive emotional patterns like self-sabotage. It also helps you let go of your self-limiting beliefs and encourages creative thinking. 

If you find yourself attached to a codependent relationship against your will, Amazonite can give you the courage to pull through and move on. It helps you realize your own independence while drawing support from your friends. 

Like the Amazons’ close-knit sisterhood, Amazonite helps you strengthen your friendships and bring your soul group to you.

A soul group is your inner-most circle in life, and the people here have a profound effect on you. These are the people that truly matter.

Healing Properties

You can easily identify someone as part of your soul group if you have instant chemistry with them. They encourage you to do your best but also call you out if needed. Your soul group can handle your truth and always be there for you no matter what phase you may be in your life.

Alongside this, Amazonite can imbibe both masculine and feminine energies within you. This balance is an essential factor because you become more emotionally and physically intact. 

It helps you see both sides of a problem and be able to gauge what the best solution is. At a physical level, Amazonite is useful for alleviating conditions that have to do with calcium, like your skeletal health. 

It is used to regulate metabolic deficiencies that create osteoporosis, tooth decay, and calcification.

Alongside this, it also alleviates muscle spasms and shields your body from the harmful effects of radiation and electromagnetic waves.

On an emotional level, however, Amazonite dispels negative energy and aggravations. It soothes your worries and fears but also uplifts you. Amazonite has this quiet sense of confidence and helps you be more humble yet stand your ground firmly. 

At the heart of it, Amazonite is a healing stone that gives you the courage to move forward and also helps you feel rooted because of your friendships. 

You become more sensitive and pragmatic because of the heightened masculine and feminine energies within you.

It synergizes your emotional and physical strength to bring out the best in you. 

Amazonite Usage

How To Use Amazonite

Before you use Amazonite, you have to cleanse and charge it with your intentions. There are multiple ways to cleanse a crystal, but the most hassle-free one is white light visualization. 

You just have to imagine a white light enveloping your head and then going to your Amazonite. Imagine it to be surrounded by this pure light, and voila! This may seem foolish for others, but this is actually an intuitive practice and can help you meditate well. 

Once you finish cleansing your Amazonite, you can now use it in different ways. 

How to use amazonite

Wear as jewelry

The easiest way to benefit from Amazonite is by wearing it. Since it resonates with both the throat and heart chakra, the best way to harness it is through necklaces, brooches, pendants, and earrings.

You can wear it every day as Amazonite is also a protective stone that guards your energy. It’s important to note that proximity to crystal has a lasting effect instead of only displaying it in your home. 

Whenever you find your friendship straining because of repressed feelings, Amazonite can help you express your thoughts. This is also helpful for mending your relationships. 

Alongside this, if you have a friend that you’re constantly worried about, giving them an Amazonite necklace can be the perfect way to remind them of your support. 

Use as a palm stone

Whenever you feel worried, uprooted, or alone in a situation, having an Amazonite palm stone can be a comforting reminder of the strength and your friends’ everlasting support. 

Just cup the palm stone in your hand, and you can feel its prowess passing on to you. You can also use this Amazonite palm stone for meditations and reciting your daily mantra.

Mantras may seem too simplistic for some, but it’s an effective tool to guide you through the day.

By repeating mantras of courage and strength with Amazonite, you’ll feel replenished and ready to set out for a new day. 

If you don’t know where to start with mantras, here are some that you can use and might resonate with you.

I acknowledge my own self
I am bigger than my fears

Use with other crystals.

If you are trying to manifest new friendships or want to open your throat chakra for empathetic communication, you can amplify it through other crystals. 

Amazonite works well with Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian. This was, in fact, a practice used by the ancient Egyptians themselves. They were the first to discover the prowess of crystals and are one of the civilizations that harnessed them.

To open your throat chakra, you can also use Amazonite with LabradoriteSodalite, Chrysocolla, and Turquoise. 

Amazonite is a healing stone that synergizes the masculine and feminine energy, and just like the Amazons, it gives you strength and nurtures your relationships. 

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