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A curated selection of our best-selling crystal jewelry.

Every Goal Begins with an Intention—What's Yours?

Crystals for Love & Happiness

Tired of constantly chasing love and happiness? Instead, help it find you! These healing stones and crystals for love and happiness will open your heart and guide to you embrace all kinds of love—including romantic love, love for life, and self-love.

Crystals for Health & Wellness

Support your mind + body + spirit with our tailored collection of healing stones and crystals. Empower your quest for mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing so you can live and feel your best. Search for healing crystals for wellness and health now.

Crystals Wealth & Success

Perfect for increasing your luck, confidence, willpower, and determination, this collection of healing stones and crystals for success and wealth will help you reach your professional and financial goals. 

Crystals for Balance & Focus

Find stability, alignment and heightened concentration with our selection of healing stones and crystals for focus and balance. Clear your mind with crystals for enhancing your mental power or use the grounding and centering energy of balance crystals.

Crystals for Passion & Creativity

Connect with your creative nature by using healing stones and crystals that can draw out your imagination and passion. These stones and crystals for creativity and passion aren't just for artists!  They can support you in your personal and professional endeavors, no matter what area of your life needs a boost of excitement.

Crystals for New Beginnings

If you are ready for a fresh start, connect with healing stones and crystals to help guide you on your path. The transformative energy in these crystals will empower you to hit the reset button and step into your full potential, power, and purpose.

Crystals for Protection & Clearing

Bad vibes have nothing on you when your energy is clear and protected. Use healing stones and crystals for protection and clearing to release negative, darker energy from yourself and your space. Welcoming in positive energy and light instead. 

Crystals for Spirituality & Faith

Everyone has a unique spiritual practice. Whether you are looking to deepen your connection to self or connect to a higher realm, healing stones and crystals for faith and spirituality can support your personal journey and growth.

Vibe Inducing Home Decor

Ground, energize, or balance the space around you with these hand-selected pieces. 

Often times in life, you'll wonder why everything just doesn't seem to go well for you. Sometimes it may be caused by external factors you can't control, and sometimes it is beyond your control. But you just don't know why. 

In the pursuit of happiness, sometimes what holds you back is merely yourself. Whether you acknowledge it or not, the culprit can be simply self-sabotage or your victim mindset. 

  • 6 min read
Highly favored by gemstone enthusiasts, Sapphire is only second to the superiority of Diamonds. However, aside from its elegant beauty, Sapphire is also a healing crystal that possesses a nurturing prowess that brings about growth towards your spirituality.
  • 5 min read

By far one of the most sought after cleansing crystal, Selenite is a high vibrational crystal that is used by both reiki practitioners and enthusiasts. When you're just starting in your first crystal collection, having Selenite at hand is a must.


  • 5 min read