Often times in life, you’ll wonder why everything just doesn’t seem to go well for you. Sometimes it may be caused by external factors you can’t control, and sometimes it is beyond your control. But you just don’t know why. 

In the pursuit of happiness, sometimes what holds you back is merely yourself. Whether you acknowledge it or not, the culprit can be simply self-sabotage or your victim mindset. 

You may deny it at first, but in order to finally steer your life into the direction of fulfillment, you first have to be present in it.

Healing those parts of you may be difficult initially, but like other alternative practices, crystal healing can help you out, especially with Peridot.

The healing properties of Peridot focus on self-awareness and bringing healing to your shadow self. This crystal makes sure that you become fully present and take charge of your life.

Discover the healing awareness of Peridot and how it can change your life for the better.

peridot healing properties origins

Origins of Peridot

Peridot is an incredibly powerful stone, and different religious sectors have long acknowledged its prowess. In the eighth century, the Archbishop of Mainz had entitled Peridot as one of the twelve Apostolic gems.

This healing crystal was said to ensure a “true spiritual preaching accompanied by miracles.” It was also associated with the Archangel Raphael and ruled the realm of Angelic Virtues. 

Alongside this, Peridot was said to be a talisman warding off evil entities. Cave dwellers allegedly found the history of how it was discovered on an Arabian island. 

The Roman crystal scholar Pliny also documented that Peridot was by far the largest precious stone, and because of its softness, it can be easily shaped by an iron file.

In another account, Peridot was described as holding the sun in its core. The magician Agrippa had acknowledged the prowess of Peridot and its importance in the German High Magic. 

Peridot’s history has been intertwined with numerous mythology and tales, all accounting how its prowess drives off negative influences. Whether these stories are true or not, Peridot’s healing properties on your psyche aligns with its origins.

healing properties of peridot

Healing Properties of Peridot

Peridot is a healing crystal that is also a powerful energy cleanser. At the heart of it, Peridot’s expertise lies in detachment.

It detaches your mind from self-destructive patterns that dictate your life. In a sense, whenever you feel like sabotaging your own progress, Peridot helps you stay rooted and accountable for your fleeting impulses.

Self-sabotage is a deeply rooted issue, and this fight or flight response that you may have experienced is often caused by feelings of insecurity. 

More often than not, those who self-sabotage are people that are actually capable but are just afraid of getting out of their comfort zones. 

Alongside this, those with this kind of mentality may be subjected to cycling with their patterns because they are familiar. Peridot’s healing properties drive at the core of this trait and help you be aware of your actions rather than hiding from them.

This crystal also brings about healing a victim mindset. You may not be fully aware if you have this, but this usually entails that you blame most of your “downfall” on other people or situations rather than acknowledging the fact that it may be caused by your own doing. 

This is not an easy undertaking but the key to start your inner healing journey is through self-awareness. 

faceted peridot crystals

The healing properties of Peridot can incredibly help in this area. It releases negative energies that help with mindset shifts and welcomes positive vibrations to your aura. 

Peridot helps you sort out your feelings and realign, especially if you often suffer from spite, jealousy, or resentment. It is also a crystal that allows you to admit the mistakes you have caused and eventually forgive yourself. 

What this crystal emphasizes is that you should stop living in auto-pilot. You should start living more intentionally rather than solely being dictated by the whims of your emotions. 

But what does being on auto-pilot mean in the first place? Watch out for these signs:

  • You’ve been spacing out while doing your regular routine and often wonder where the time has gone by.
  • You feel overwhelmed by everything in your life and can’t do tasks even if it only requires minimal effort on your part.
  • You are often distracted by social media and other activities that only take up all of your time in a day.
  • Your endeavors are tailored to please the expectation of other people.
  • You are always busy and don’t have time to pause and self-reflect.
  • You believe that something is missing in your life, yet you only bury this need to know deep down.

If you’ve found yourself nodding to at least two of these statements, then it’s definitely a sign that you take a pause and start realigning. 

depressed woman

At its core, the healing properties of Peridot motivate you to change while also accompanying you in the grieving process. Because before you begin your transformative journey, you first have to grieve your past self. 

Whether you are burdened with guilt, unhealthy addictions, and being on autopilot for most of your waking hours, Peridot teaches you to step away from these cycles. You’ll be able to embrace change and start to feel more present and intentional with how your life is directed.

Alongside this, Peridot also aids in empowering your sense of self-worth. It sharpens your mind and brings a higher level of awareness. You’ll also feel more confident and assertive with it at hand, but you won’t be driven by mere aggression.

It removes feelings of lethargy and promotes psychological clarity. With this healing crystal assisting you every step of the way, you’ll feel more attentive to your surroundings and be able to listen to your body.

Once you begin your healing journey with Peridot, you’ll be able to take responsibility for where you’re headed in your life. You become more accountable with your decisions and actions rather than projecting them to other people. 

You take the reins in your life, and you’ll finally be able to live in the moment.

how to use peridot

How To Use Peridot

The first thing you need to know when you are in possession of a Peridot is that you have to activate it. Like any other crystals, you have to cleanse it and project your intentions so that it can work more seamlessly into your life.

You see, Peridot has a lot of healing properties, and while you can benefit from each of them, you have to be specific as to why you’re going to use it. The more you are intentional with harnessing your crystal, the more you’ll see results.

The best way to cleanse your Peridot is by white light visualizationAs opposed to other practices like smudging sage, soaking it in water, or exposing it in the moonlight, white light visualization is a no-brainer process.

Not only that, but you also don’t need to buy other products and set up the cleansing practice. Just hold your Peridot and meditate in a safe space; imagine a white halo in your head and visualize that it is streaming to your crystal.

Let this white light envelop your Peridot for a long while and once you feel at peace with it, project your intentions.

Once you have done this practice, you’ll now be able to harness your Peridot in different ways.

Use it as your everyday jewelry.

The closer you are physically with Peridot, the more you can benefit from its prowess. Since it resonates with the heart chakra due to its color, you can wear a Peridot necklace to be positioned near the heart and throat.

Wear it every day or every time you meditate or journal. Once you have it with you, you can feel more confident and present. Every time you feel like you’re living on autopilot, just touch your Peridot jewelry to feel grounded.

You can also wear a Peridot bracelet at your left hand because this is the closest to your heart. Because of its resonance to your heart chakra, you can also start realigning it.

Alongside this, you can wear this whenever you feel you are close to making the same self-sabotage patterns you have. Treat Peridot as an amulet that protects and reminds you to stay away from your own negative energies.

Use it as a palm stone.

Another effective way is to keep a palm stone that you can hold on to whenever you are plagued with self-doubt and self-destructive thoughts. You’ll feel a whole lot better once you touch it. You can also place a Peridot on your nightstand and meditate with it either first thing in the morning or before you sleep.

Peridot facilitates deep healing so that you can take charge of your life without ever feeling the need to blame others for it. It allows you to live more intentionally and awakens you to many possibilities that life has to offer.

Are you now willing to be awakened by the healing prowess of Peridot? Then head on to our shop and choose the Peridot piece that speaks to your heart. 

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