By far one of the most sought after cleansing crystal, Selenite is a high vibrational crystal that is used by both reiki practitioners and enthusiasts. When you’re just starting in your first crystal collection, having Selenite at hand is a must.

Selenite’s healing properties cleanse your inner and outer world from negative energies and also strengthens spiritual bonds.

Discover the cleansing light of Selenite and how it can bring peace and clarity within.

 Origins of Selenite

The crystal lore behind Selenite aptly depicts how powerful it is. According to a Kabbalistic creation myth, God created vessels that consisted of divine light to help him out in the process of spreading his powers throughout the Earth. 

However, these vessels shattered in the universe, and with that, Selenite was created to collect the shards of this divine light. This mythology explained why Selenite had a potent vibrational prowess as opposed to other crystals. 

Another crystal myth attached to Selenite is that when it is hung from a tree, it will ripen rapidly and be bountiful. In Ancient Mesopotamia, Selenite was used to ward off evil spirits and were kept in sickrooms. 

Alongside this, Selenite was initially used for scrying and resonated with the moon’s intuitive prowess. Selenite was said to naturally grow with the waxing moon and diminish as the moon wanes.

Selenite is also treated as a symbol of light in the depths of the night as it was associated with the Greek goddess Persephone as she resides in the Underworld. 

Today crystal workers around the world have a trusty Selenite with them to harness it in different ways.

selenite healing properties

Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite is known for inducing a deep sense of peace and is incredibly helpful when it comes to heightened spiritual work. The standard form you can acquire Selenite is its wand shape.

A Selenite wand has a variety of uses, but it’s usually utilized by crystal workers in administering reiki personally or distance reiki healing because of its high vibration. 

It draws off negative entities that cling to your energy. This may be caused by the ill intent of other people projected to you or when energy vampires take advantage of you. 

An energy vampire is someone that benefits from your energy by boosting their egos through gaslighting and taking advantage of your kindness. They often overwhelm you with how they are pitiful or how amazing they are. Above all else, energy vampires benefit by sucking your energy figuratively while uplifting themselves.

These kinds of people are what you would call “toxic,” and you should cut ties with them at all costs, or your emotional health will be severely compromised. 

Selenite wands are also used for emanating cleansing energies in the home and also activating other crystals. 

Mentally, this crystal helps with clarity and aids you to have good judgment. If you’re often caught up in the details, Selenite allows you to be more open with looking at the bigger picture of situations.

It also stabilizes erratic emotions and aids you to calm down and reassess. Above all else, Selenite’s high vibrational prowess helps identify issues that you need to be working on on a subconscious level. This is why it is often used by reiki healers because, unlike other crystals, it easily taps into one’s energy. 

However, Selenite has many forms and colors, and each of these types has a specific healing signature.

selenite healing properties

Translucent Selenite

Brings clarity of the mind and opens the crown chakra making it a perfect vessel to use when meditating

Pure White Selenite

Acts as an excellent cleansing crystal when detaching negative energies from your aura

Desert Rose Selenite

This type of Selenite, on the other hand, helps in overcoming internalized trauma that may have even been rooted since childhood. 

Peach Selenite

Associated with Persephone, this Selenite helps in shedding light on your shadow self.

Fishtail Selenite

It defuses tension, supports neural pathways, and is often called Angel’s Wings Selenite because of its form

Blue Selenite

It assists with silencing the unhealthy mental chatter you have and aids in opening the third eye chakra.

Green Selenite

This type of Selenite is said to delay aging and helps in making you feel comfortable.

Above all else, all forms of Selenite acts as an emotional stabilizer, energy cleanser, and a medium that can aid in spiritual work.

how to use selenite

How To Use Selenite

Once you finally have your own Selenite, the first thing you need to do is cleanse it to activate its prowess. This is an essential step once you have acquired any crystal.

There are multiple ways to cleanse a crystal, but you have to be careful because not all crystals react favorably with any method. In this case, you should never cleanse Selenite with water because it can dissolve the crystal.

However, you can smudge it using sage sticks or palo santo, music cleansing with singing bowls, and the most cost-free one is through white light visualization. 

You just have to hold your Selenite at hand and imagine a white light in your head flowing to it. This is a perfect way to practice meditation with your Selenite as well. 

Use for meditation

Selenite is a high vibrational crystal and is perfect for mindful activities. It aids you to open yourself to the higher realms. Alongside this, it is an ideal crystal to ground you and bring clarity whenever you feel cluttered in mind. 

selenite meditation

Use in reiki healing.

Reiki practitioners have a trusty Selenite wand with them most of the time, as this is usually the first crystal they harness in a healing session. Selenite wands are perfect for cord-cutting where negative energies are drawn off from your aura. 

Activates crystal grids

Whenever you create crystal grids for manifesting, you’ll have to eventually activate the grid so the prowess of all the crystals can be in harmony. While there are other ways to activate one, a Selenite wand is by far the best option. 

You just have to hover your Selenite wand above the crystal grid and connect the crystals’ energy as if you’re connecting the “dots.” 

Use for chakra alignment.

Whenever your chakra is blocked, may it be from the crown to the root, holding a Selenite crystal on the affected areas can help the blockage vanish, and you’ll eventually feel more grounded.

Feel Selenite’s divine light illuminating your inner world and embrace the calmness that comes with it. 

Selenite is a powerful crystal that has a lot of uses and, more often than not, governs over other crystals. Its high vibrations allow you to be more spiritually attuned and connected to your inner world.

Are you ready to bask in the divine light of Selenite to your benefit? Head on to our shop and choose the Selenite piece that calls to your heart. 

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