Everyone has a reserve of power within, yet not everyone can actively tap into it. Tiger’s Eye’s healing properties help you harness your willpower and bring in assertiveness, self-confidence, clarity of intention, and success in your goals. 

This healing crystal empowers you to embrace your strengths and propel you to a future brimming with opportunities. 

If you often feel insecure with your talents, sluggish, or plagued with self-criticism, Tiger’s Eye can help you let go of self-limiting beliefs so you can flourish.

Find out how Tiger’s Eye can empower you and reveal your inner strengths. 

Origins of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye’s healing properties were believed to protect its wearer during physical and emotional battles. Roman soldiers wore this stone as an amulet to deflect weapons during wars.

Alongside this, Tiger’s Eye was also a talisman against curses and ill-wishes of other people. It was connected to the Mesopotamian god, Belus, and was also known as Wolf Stone.

The stone has a unique iridescence known as chatoyancy. It reflects light and ripples in a way that forms a “cat’s eye” effect. You can see it not only in Tiger’s Eye but also in crystals like Opal, Moonstone, and Aquamarine.

Tiger’s Eye also has a banded appearance that looks like the coat of a tiger. It was created from needles of asbestos fibers and quartz.

Today, Tiger’s Eye is considered an essential crystal for collectors in their first crystal kit. It’s also commonly found in Mexico, India, Australia, South Africa, and the US. 

Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye resonates with the root and sacral chakra; thus, its healing properties cover these areas as well. 

Physically, Tiger’s Eye helps in alleviating these problems:

  • Encourages fertility
  • Enhances eyesight and night vision
  • Assists in digestion and bone growth

In Chinese medicine, Tiger’s Eye balances the yin and yang energies, which also connects to physical ailments. 

Tiger’s Eye also empowers you to use your inner strength and direct them in productive pursuits. If you often feel lethargic and unmotivated with your goals, Tiger’s Eye helps you to take immediate action so your power can flow through easily.

It teaches you that you need to move and do the work with razor-sharp focus. After all, you can’t just wait to feel motivated; action comes first, and you’ll feel motivation afterward. 

Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

There are also different types of Tiger’s Eye, and each one has a unique focus:

  • Golden Tiger’s Eye: helps you make decisions from a place of logic rather than emotion.
  • Red Tiger’s Eye: overcomes sluggishness and enables you to be more productive.
  • Hawk’s Eye: for protection, enhances insight and helps dissolve restrictive patterns as well as pessimism.

Tiger’s Eye is also helpful when you’re contemplating new opportunities as it helps you carry out realistic goals. Alongside this, it reinforces a positive outlook in your plans, so you don’t get easily discouraged.

It aids you to accomplish your goals in an orderly manner, recognizes inner resources, and promotes clarity of intention. Place a Tiger’s Eye in your work station, and you’ll feel rejuvenated and focused on doing your day to day tasks no matter how menial or laborious it may be. 

Above all else, Tiger’s Eye brings out your willpower and discipline.

Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with work, directionless with your plans, or uncreative in every project you’re handling, Tiger’s Eye can help you break through your comfort zone. 

It strips you of your self-limiting beliefs, silences your overbearing inner critic, and helps you reclaim your willpower. This is especially helpful if you’re someone that experiences Impostor Syndrome frequently.

Tiger’s Eye’s healing properties brings out the best in you by giving your energy direction. It also helps you realize your talents and skills and embrace them rather than deny yourself of them.

Tiger’s Eye helps you realize that you are indeed worthy of respect, worthy of the blessings coming your way, and reminds you that you should stop bringing down yourself.

In a way, this stone is like your friend that gives you a hard truth slap to bring you back to reality! Despite that, Tiger’s Eye reminds you to take charge of your own destiny and harness the strength that’s already within you. 

Alongside this, it also brings clarity to your mind and helps you sort out your thoughts. It aids you to discard wishful thinking and remind you of what you need right now.

Tiger’s Eye also helps you let go of pride and ego whenever you face conflicts with your family, friends, and other relationships.  

Whenever you feel demotivated and beat up by your own doubts, Tiger’s Eye can heal the emotional and mental wounds you inflicted on yourself so that you can see your worth once again. 

How To Use Tiger’s Eye

Once you have a Tiger’s Eye on your collection before you use it to your benefit, you always have to cleanse it. Usually, you’ll have to cleanse this once every two to three months.

The most common ways to cleanse your Tiger’s Eye is through:

  • White light visualization
  • Music cleansing with singing bowls 

While Tiger’s Eye may be considered as a self-cleansing crystal, you’ll always have to make sure that you charge it and it’s well taken care of.

There are numerous ways to cleanse and charge but if you still are confused about this, check out this short yet detailed guide on how to activate your crystals.

Remember, crystals also demand the utmost care and positive energy for them to let you harness their powers. What energy you give to your crystal, they will also give them back to you tenfold. 

Wear as jewelry

The most efficient and ideal way to use your Tiger’s Eye is by wearing it. Close proximity with crystals reinforces their appearance and powers. This is why most crystal workers have a lot of accessories, to begin with.

Wear a Tiger’s Eye bracelet or ring in your right hand to channel its strength. You can also wear a Tiger’s Eye necklace or pendant whenever you feel demotivated and have to do the daily hustle.

It also helps you become more creative and think of fresh ideas to implement in your tasks. If you’re taking on a large project, having Tiger’s Eye jewelry with you can help you stay focused on the job and create efficient solutions for them.

You can also wear a Tiger’s Eye necklace, earrings, or bracelets to feel more grounded and confident when meeting new clients, potential workmates, or even during dates! 

You’ll exude a solid and dependable aura, and you will also be protected from negative energies that will only bring you down. 

Use as a palm stone

Place a Tiger’s Eye palm stone in your pocket or office table so you can just hold it whenever you want to feel more sure and harness your willpower. 

You can also meditate with it every morning or night so you can feel your strength renewed. This can also be a healthy practice for you to let go of the self-limiting beliefs that damage your personal growth.

Create a crystal grid of abundance and fortitude

Crystal grids are potent tools that help you harness a crystal’s powers without actively charging it. Because Tiger’s Eye brings fortitude physically and mentally, it can also bring in good fortune.

Create a crystal grid of abundance and fortitude

Just designate a space for your crystal grid, preferably an unused table or only in the ground. Place your Tiger’s Eye in a cross formation together with other crystals like CitrineRed Jasper, and Carnelian to bring in strength and luck.

Get a Selenite wand or Clear Quartz point and trace an imaginary line above these crystals to “connect” their energy and charge them with your intention.

If you don’t have both crystals, you can always imagine a white light tracing and charging the crystal grid instead. Once you’re done, you can place it on the upper left side of your room or home. 

This is because it is known as the wealth section, according to the Feng Shui energy map. 

Tiger’s Eye healing properties help you let go of self-limiting beliefs, solidifies your willpower, and helps you succeed in whatever goal you set out to achieve. 

Are you ready to experience the healing powers of Tiger’s Eye? Head on to our shop and choose the Tiger’s Eye jewelry piece that resonates and empowers you. 

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