When you feel physically drained, lethargic, or as if you don’t know how to move forward in life, a sense of helplessness can fester in your resolve.

These may be natural at first, but when these feelings start to amplify, there might be outside forces at play. Red Jasper, while it may look intense and sometimes unimpressive, can help you regain back your strength and vitality. 

After all, Red Jasper is named “The Physical Powerhouse” in the world of crystals.

It is practical and highly useful for rejuvenating, gaining back your sense of purpose, and unblocking the root chakra.

Once you depend and commit to this crystal’s prowess, you will begin to understand that you have that inner strength within you all along.

Discover the benefits of adding Red Jasper to your daily life and how you can harness its powers to help you. 

Red Jasper Origins

But first, what are the origins of Red Jasper?

In Mesopotamian mythology, the god Marduk created three spheres or “heavens” above the Earth. Jasper is the lowest sphere among them, and the constellations are sparkling into existence here. 

It is also associated with the goddess Isis in Egyptian mythology. She ruled over marriage, health, and fertility, which is why people believed that Red Jasper aided pregnant women and alleviated menstrual problems.  

These age-old beliefs aren’t unfounded after all, as Red Jasper is indeed a useful crystal in these areas. 

Red Jasper

This crystal is a Chalcedony in the quartz family, consisting of colors like yellow, green, pink, brown, black, and sometimes multicolor.

Red Jasper, though, is the most common and active variation in the family. The inclusion of iron oxide has created it’s reddish hue.

It’s opaque by nature and contains other mineral oxides that create the bands around it.

Red Jasper exists worldwide and is prominent in California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. 

Red Jasper Healing Properties

Red Jasper’s Healing Properties

The color red symbolizes action and vitality, and the crystal embodies these in multiple ways. The planet Mars and zodiac sign Aries rules over Red Jasper, which aptly explains its intensity. 

Like it’s rulers, Red Jasper is the perfect crystal that influences you to take action right at the moment. If you have a heavy workload or lost interest in your passion projects, it will instill a sense of determination and clarity within you to see through it. 

Red Jasper doesn’t just fire you up without direction, though; it helps you to become more confident with your decisions. It’s assertiveness without arrogance. 

When you have trouble sorting out your responsibilities and don’t know where to start, this crystal helps you relax and take things one step at a time. It promotes quick thinking and rational organizational skills that make you feel on top of your game. 

Red Jasper Relaxation Benefits

Red Jasper is also known as the “supreme nurturer,” which alleviates stress, anxiety, and promotes tranquility. When you feel like you’re stuck in lethargy, this is because your root chakra is blocked. Red Jasper can heal it, and you’ll be surprised by how much better you’ll feel after.

The root chakra is where our basic survival instincts and sense of security reside. You can find it in the base of your spine, and just like the roots of trees, it helps us gain stability so we can branch out to prosperity.

But when it is blocked, our direction also gets impeded. We feel disconnected from our sense of purpose. We feel physically weak, and it also affects sexual drive as well as our dreams. Some of the physical problems that are related to root chakra imbalance or blockage are:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Fluid retention
  • Flu

Red Jasper can support the circulatory, reproductive, and digestive systems, and this is because it can enhance the qi, which is the vital force of the body. 

Red Jasper and Chakras

This crystal doesn’t only strengthen the physical aspect but also promotes mental fortitude. It can cleanse negative thought patterns you have and stabilizes the aura.

It also aids in manifesting ideas, releases shame and guilt, and reinforces self-assurance. All your fears related to stability, belief systems, how we live our lives, material abundance, and passion can be aided by Red Jasper. 

This stone radiates strength, and it is highly useful for everyone who is experiencing a lot of uphill battles in life.

Red Jasper Usage

How To Harness Red Jasper’s Powers

Wearing it as accessories

Red Jasper is an excellent “worry bead,” as it erases anxious thoughts and promotes clarity. The best way to benefit from it is to keep it nearby at all times and have contact with your skin.

Early lapidaries, or people who cut these crystals into fashion, also believed in their healing properties and its earliest form was an amulet. The continuous contact can rejuvenate you and strengthen your mindset.

You can also use it as a bracelet, and the more you depend on it, the more your confidence will boost. Wear it in your office or during work hours, and it can enhance your productivity.

You can also activate it by positioning it where your root chakra is. When you are at home and feeling unproductive or all over the place, you can lay down and place Red Jasper on your root chakra points for ten to twenty minutes. 

Once you are in this position, imagine yourself like a tree that is becoming more rooted in the Earth.

Visualize your feet sprouting with roots and interweaving until you have a solid foundation beneath you. This meditation, when finished, can help you ground yourself more.

Placing it under your pillow or bed

Since Red Jasper can also help you to manifest your intentions, leaving it under your pillow before you sleep can enhance it into fruition.

Whenever you feel frustrated because your ideas are all over the place, take a rest, and use this crystal.

You will not only feel refreshed and at peace once you wake, but you will also find your ideas more coherent than ever. 

Red Jasper heals the part of you that has lost vigor and passion, which is why your creativity becomes more pronounced with it. 

Manifesting may be a universal trait by all crystals, but Red Jasper pushes you to get the job done after you manifest what you want.

It’s a two-way process because it makes you more sure of yourself. It’s the perfect crystal when you need to achieve specific goals as it stimulates inspiration and transforms ideas into action.

Red Jasper can also heat the passion between you and your significant other. Just place it under your bed, and you can enjoy prolonged satisfaction emanated by this crystal.

The intensity and passion it projects can make your sex life sweeter than ever.

Projecting your thoughts and purifying it

While this stone may seem to be highly beneficial, the relationship should also be mutual.

You have to cherish it and respect your crystal because if you neglect to take care of it, then there are chances that its powers can no longer be of use.

An excellent method that you can apply this give and take relationship is by meditating and cleansing it. Every night before you go to bed, take your Red Jasper and meditate on it.

Project all your doubts, fears, and every self-deprecating thought you have, no matter how petty they are. Visualize a stream opening up and connecting you to your Red Jasper, and all your dark thoughts will have to flow through that channel.

It’s just like a journal where you write down your thoughts, but this is a more intimate process because you don’t filter out your words. Your thoughts stream unbidden once you start to admit and pour them all out.

Once you finish this session, you leave your Red Jasper in the soil, and all the worries you have projected on it will wash away in the morning.

This method can also purify them simultaneously, and your relationship will flourish. As Red Jasper has a high resonance with the root chakra, it is also connected to the Earth’s power, which is why it’s beneficial to do this process.

Treat your crystal with respect, and it will reward you. Disrespect it, and it might just turn its back on you.  

How to use Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a physical powerhouse that generates opportunities for you to create the future you want to live.

It helps you severe ties from thoughts that no longer serve you. This crystal brings problems to light before they become detrimental to you. 

Ready for this crystal to support your determination, creativity, and focus in your life? Discover the piece of Red Jasper that calls to you in our shop and experience it’s prowess within you.  

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