Have you ever felt the ticking of anxiety paralyze you? Have you ever felt incapable of voicing out the truth in your words? Have you ever felt your creativity disintegrating into dullness? 

Have you ever felt all of these, all at once? 

When depression, anxiety, and lack of inspiration clouds the mind, it signifies that the throat and third eye chakra is blocked. To release these constraints, the perfect solution is through using Labradorite—the stone of transformation and magic. 

Discover how Labradorite influences the body to heal and how easily you can use it even in the confines of your home.

Labradorite Origins

But first, what is a Labradorite?

It’s a  Feldspar , one of the most abundant minerals that make up almost 50% of the Earth’s crust. Labradorite is best known for its multicolor sheen of blue, green, amber, lavender, etc. brought by the Schiller Effect or labradorescence. 

In some cases, rare Labradorite exhibit all of the colors of the rainbow.

Labradorite Stone

This iridescence is a unique trait that isn’t shared by any other stone, so Labradorite is often sought after by reiki practitioners and enthusiasts. 

However, there are many imitations of this stone, and one way to determine its authenticity is through its shimmer. If you angle it and it doesn’t shift colors in some parts, then chances are it’s real. 

Fake Labradorite, on the other hand, constantly shimmer and have brighter colors. Here’s a visual guide that can help you identify the fakes from the real ones. 

Labradorite was discovered in Labrador, Northeast Canada hence its name. The Innuit mythology circling this stone is that they are the spectral remnants of the Northern Lights forever shifting in color after a warrior freed the Aurora Borealis in a rock formation. 

Regardless if it’s true or not, it’s undeniable that it possesses an ethereal glow that attracts almost everyone.

Healing properties of labradorite

Labradorite’s Healing Properties

Labradorite is considered a magical stone not just because of its look but also because of how it taps into your inert psychic abilities and enhances your mind-space. 

Shamans, diviners, and healers of the Inuit tribe had gleaned that this stone lends them “powers.” 

Labradorite is powerful in a sense because it just doesn’t give magical aspects but instead unearth your untapped abilities to the surface. And because of this, people who use this stone are more confident with their existing prowess. 

The colors of Labradorite are dominantly blue, and in correlation with chakra blockages, it can clear the throat and third eye chakras. 

Labradorite for Chakras

The throat chakra is representative of our creativity, emotion, and communication. A blockage or misalignment occurs if you can’t fully express what you want to say for fear of judgment or other insecurities.

You also become dishonest with your true desires, and it’s frustrating because it sets you off in a confusing path both in the internal and external world. 

When it comes to self-expression, your sense of purpose crumbles, and you become detached, anxious, and even deceptive. This blockage’s emotional manifestation significantly affects your relationship with yourself and other people, causing petty arguments or even falling out.

Consequently, there are also physical health problems that can affect your mouth, ears, and neck. These issues encompass the following:

  • Acute or chronic sore throats
  • Stiff neck
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hearing issues
  • Jaw pain
  • Dental problems

The Labradorite’s blue colors resonate well with the throat chakra and, in turn, soothes this, making way for creativity and honest communication to bloom. 

That is why Labradorite is prominent in the art world; you can see it from the imagery in paintings, book covers, and even jewelry.

Emotional bonds are restored through the use of Labradorite as you become more empathetic especially with the throat chakra healed. Labradorite’s ability to protect your aura also expands and fosters an internal environment where your confidence can grow into full bloom.

Labradorite can cleanse is the third eye

Another chakra that the Labradorite can cleanse is the third eye. When this chakra is blocked, the emotional manifestations can be seen in your inability to remember and set goals for the future.

Extreme anxiety and paranoia may also be experienced, and because of this hyperactivity, you can also experience trouble sleeping and nightmares. 

Mental illnesses can become increasingly prevalent when this happens, from depression to mood disorders. Using Labradorite relieves these despondencies. However, it’s also vital that you get professional help with this.

Peace of mind and clarity can be achieved once the third eye chakra is balanced again, and some physical disorders like the following can also be relieved:

  • Poor vision
  • Migraines
  • Sinus pain
  • Back and leg pain

Labradorite doesn’t only cover these two chakras, as there are other rare types like the golden Labradorite, also known as Bytownite, that can heal the solar plexus and sacral chakra. There are different types of Labradorite , but the most prominent is the opaque one in dark tones of blue, amber, and green. 

Alongside this, labradorites are strong protectors of aura preventing energy leakages. When your energy stays intact, you aren’t susceptible to manipulation and malicious attachments brought by energy vampires.

Labrodite promotes a healthy space for your mental health and brings out the best in you. 

Labradorite Usage

Now the question is, HOW can you use it?

Intentional Meditation

The most prominent way of crystal healing is through meditation. You cup the Labradorite in your hands and project your intentions to the stone. You can also wear it as a necklace while relaxing in your favored position.

This might sound easy at first, but intentional meditation is a lot more than just sitting still.

Most people insist on “clearing your mind,” but sometimes, it is simply not possible. You think of a calming scenery, but seconds later, your thoughts veer off to the laundry you were supposed to do. 

Naturally, most people give up right away, but the key for intentional meditation to work is resilience. Once you feel that your thoughts are getting off tangent again, take a moment to notice this and stop. 

Repeat that calming scenery once again and continuously persevere in maintaining your stream of thoughts in one place. This is hard to master, but it will become as easy as muscle memory once you do. 

Wearing Accessories

Another alternative is wearing the stone in various accessories, from earringsbraceletsnecklaces, rings, or keeping it in your pocket as a totem.

By wearing Labradorite, you can react more actively as it is in proximity to the chakras. For example, if you wear it as earrings, you might enhance your connection to your spirit guides. When you wear it as a ring or a bracelet, your healing abilities while doing reiki will be enhanced.

The fact that Labradorite is a protective stone makes it ideal when you do cord cutting if you’re a practitioner.

Keeping it as a totem in your pocket at all times is also one easy way. You can seek the guidance and comfort of Labradorite by holding it in times when you feel unsure to speak out or if you feel your confidence waning.

Labradorite is an incredibly transformative stone that not only protects you but also uncovers your hidden potential. It eliminates anxiety, boosts creativity, and fosters a sense of confidence in the user brought by the balancing of the different chakras in the body.

It’s a magical stone that only reiterates how each of us is special and has magic flowing within us all in some way. 

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