Amethyst is by far the most sought-after crystal and has multiple representations, may it be from history to pop culture.

More often than not, this is the first crystal that most enthusiasts acquire for their first collection.

They are popular not just because of their appearance but also on the encompassing benefits it has to you, your surroundings, and even your other crystals.

Amethyst is widely known as the “Master Healer” because of its high vibrations that positively affects your energy.

It specifically helps you achieve peace of mind both in your waking hours and sleep, makes you self-aware with your addictions, creates a purified atmosphere for your aura, and many more. 

What makes Amethyst the perfect crystal to start your journey with alternative healing is that it helps you achieve serenity. And in a busy world dominated by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, peace of mind is a gift we all deserve.

Discover how Amethyst can clear your mind space and heal your environment in order for your most authentic self to flourish. 

Amethyst Origins

But first, we have to learn how it came to be to harness it effectively.

Amethyst is prevalent in the US, Canada, Britain, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, East Africa, Sri Lanka, Siberia, and India. It’s an abundant crystal that is also part of the Quartz family.

The purple hue of Amethyst came from traces of irradiated iron, which is a natural phenomenon underground. You can find them usually from light pinkish to a deep purple color. The ideal grade is named ” Deep Siberia ,” which exposes 80% purple and 20-10% blue. 

However, the mythology behind its color is far more interesting.

According to Greek Mythology, Dionysus, the god of wine, sought revenge from Artemis, the hunt’s goddess. He declared that his tiger would eat the first person he’ll meet in the forest. 

Amethyst, a beautiful maiden, came to worship in Artemis’ temple but was pursued by the tiger. Praying for her safety, Artemis turned her into a clear crystal.

Dionysus, stricken with guilt, repented by pouring wine on the clear Quartz, creating the famous purple hue it now has.

It is quite a fitting mythology, especially that Amethyst, when translated, means “not drunk,” a nod to Dionysus’ inclination towards overindulgence. This crystal is, after all, perfect in warding off addiction and promotes control over worldly passions.

In tarot symbology, Amethyst is equated to the Temperance card. This card’s imagery presents an angel dispensing water in two chalices with one foot on the ground and one extending in the water.

Water symbolizes emotions, and the ground represents stability and control; the keyword usually associated with this is balance. 

Above all else, Amethyst is a healing crystal that helps you attain balance in your life so you can forge your own path towards self-reinvention. 

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst is widely known to lend its users serenity and is also dubbed as the Crystal of Calm. If recurring nightmares often plague your sleep, Amethyst can help you achieve a fitful rest as it neutralizes overactive thinking from your mind. 

From a physiological standpoint, it dramatically helps in dealing with insomnia, enhances memory promoting productivity, reduces bruising, and promotes homeostasis. In a sense, it helps restore the right balance for your body to function fully.

This crystal comes in different forms. It can be a geode, cluster, a point, or a wand.

And because of this, each form has a different concentrated effect. According to the Roman geographer and one of the earliest crystal researchers, Pliny, geodes can help heal the eyes.

This makes Amethyst a more powerful crystal because its color also corresponds to the third eye chakra.

This chakra relates to our higher self and is physically located near our optic nerves; this is why Amethyst significantly affects sight and different visualization processes. It opens our intuition and enhances psychic gifts within us. 

Amethyst is also a stone that is positively associated with the arts. It stimulates creativity and imagination.

The Poet’s Stone, the Painter’s Stone, the Inventor’s Stone, and the Artist’s Stone are just among the many names it adopted in the art world.

This crystal helps express emotions and channel them into positive energy to harness in creating new ideas. 

When it comes to emotions, it doesn’t only draw them out but also stamps them down if needed.

People with anger issues and are highly emotional to the point that it’s unhealthy can significantly benefit from Amethyst’s calming powers.

It dispels heated emotions and promotes a sobering effect on the user so that one can arrive at a logical and reasonable understanding.

This is also why negotiators and business people should carry an Amethyst with them during transactions to achieve a healthy discourse.

Amethyst Products

 Amethyst is also known to promote sobriety. It makes you self-aware of your consumption habits and identifies areas in your life that need to be balanced out.

If you have difficulty controlling your drinking, eating, or anything that you deem addictive, this crystal can help you overcome them.

More than anything else, it enables you to pause and reassess: “Does this aspect still serve a purpose in my life?” 

Additionally, this crystal is a helpful aid for people who are stressed and overwhelmed with work. Burnout is the most silent killer; you wouldn’t see it coming as it slowly impedes your growth.

Hustle culture is a prevalent cycle that most workers fall into, and if you’re not careful enough, your mental health could be at stake. 

Amethyst encourages you to slow down and helps ease your anxiety. It enables you to rethink your priorities and develop a strategy that lets you seize the day once again. 

Another emotional benefit is its ability to alleviate grief and let you come into terms with your loss.

Amethyst aids in expressing your pent up emotions but is also careful that you don’t drown in it; once again, it establishes a balance that you need in challenging times.

When it comes to romance, Amethyst is also dubbed as “The Stone of Saint Valentine.”

It symbolizes faithful relationships and promotes deeper connections away from physical desires. 

This is why Amethyst is incredibly beneficial when partnered with Rose Quartz. Their resonance combined helps in manifesting more meaningful relationships that aren’t dictated by carnal desires.

It is a healing crystal that teaches you wisdom when to stop and listen to your own needs.

It purifies your environment from negative toxic energy and protects your aura from psychic attacks, paranormal harm, and the ill wishes of others.

Amethyst raises your self-awareness and helps you grow into full bloom once again.

Amethyst Usage

How To Use Amethyst

As Amethyst is a highly versatile crystal, there are also many different ways you can harness its capabilities. You should always keep in mind, though, before using it to cleanse and empower this crystal. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

Wash it in running water

  • Amethyst is a high vibration crystal that has many transformative effects on our emotions. And water, being the universal symbol of emotion, exalts the natural energy found in this crystal.


  • This is by far the ideal way to cleanse it, but it can be pretty hard for some that are only starting with projecting their intentions. The best way to do this is by grounding yourself for a while and once you are in a calm state, visualize a white light surrounding your Amethyst, and it will cleanse it from negativity.

Once you’ve cleansed and activated your crystal, you can now use it in any way that deems fit for your current situation. 

Cleansing Your Crystals and Environment

Ironically, Amethyst is also an excellent crystal that can cleanse your other crystals because of its superior vibration. Most of the time, its geode structure is the perfect form of this purpose. 

You just have to place all your crystals in a cluster and surround it with these geodes and leave it for 24 hours. It will automatically absorb the accumulated negative energy from the other crystals and dispel it back to the universe. 

Another way to cleanse your environment is by placing Amethyst geodes or towers near your entrance door or in the corners of your house.

This helps in blocking negative energy to enter your abode and protects your aura more effectively.

If you also have indoor plants that are not flourishing, this crystal can help to restore its life. Not only is it useful, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing for your interior design!

Wear as jewelry

Proximity to healing crystals is often the ideal and easiest way to benefit from their powers fully.

This is why wearing it as jewelry , whether it be bracelets , earrings , necklaces , or rings , is highly efficient.

Necklaces can have more impact as it sits near your throat and heart, which is also close to your forehead where the third eye chakra is located. 

This is because Amethyst’s colors resonate well with the purple hue of the third eye chakra. And speaking of color, since there are different purple variants found in Amethyst, each of them also has a specific benefit. 

  • Violet-Lavender
    • High Vibration
    • Double terminated lilac crystals take you into beta brain waves.
    • Stimulates and calms the throat and heart chakras
    • Violet “flowers” bring light and love into the environment
  • Chevron
    • One of the best third eye stimulators
    • Enhances inner, intuitive vision and outer physical vision
    • Power focused energy that dispels negative energy
    • Cleanses the aura and aids in auric diagnosis
    • Strong healing field stimulating the immune system
    • Helps you find and implement a positive answer to any problem
  • Pineapple
    • Has small nodules covering the sides above which emerge the termination points looking like the turrets of a castle
    • Stimulates imagination
    • Powerful archetypal healer for family and collective myths

For Insomnia

As Amethyst can help in relieving insomnia, the best way is to sleep with it. You can place small Amethyst crystals under your pillow or if you have large geodes instead, place it under your bed.

You can also wear Amethyst necklaces while you sleep. Another way is that you rub your crystal counterclockwise on your forehead, where your third eye chakra is located.

If you also have recurring nightmares and inexplicable fear of the dark, your anxiety will also be alleviated to promote a more fitful sleep.

While most crystal collectors and users are fond of letting their crystals stay insider their rooms, there’s a high chance that their combined energies can be the cause of your insomnia.

For example, Clear Quartz can positively disrupt your sleep, so make sure to move your crystals out of your room if you have trouble sleeping, and only keep your Amethyst inside. 

Amethyst wouldn’t be called the Master Healer if it weren’t for its innate nature to create balance in our lives.

With the growing culture of overworking and hustling to make ends meet, we often neglect that in order to function, we also need to take a rest.

Amethyst helps in identifying your patterns and gives you the space to pause and reassess.

Are you now ready to experience the healing wonders of Amethyst firsthand? Discover the piece of Amethyst that calls to you in our shop and achieve balance in your daily life. 

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