The path to transformation and changing the course of your life is not an easy path and will require your utmost determination and resilience. Malachite’s healing properties can empower you to create positive changes that you never thought were possible, to begin with.

Aptly known as the “Stone of Transformation,” it imbibes a strong energy within you and brings opportunities for growth. It is never too late to start anew and create the life you aspire.

Discover how you can start fresh through the positive transformations brought by Malachite.

malachite healing properties origins

Origins of Malachite

The first traces of Malachite were seen in the Egyptian copper mines of Sinai that were sacred to the goddess Hathor. She was the goddess of fertility, women, and the sky.

Pliny the Elder, a Roman crystal academic, also stated that Malachite was beneficial for nursemaids and protected children. This aligns very well with Hathor’s symbolism, where the first Malachite was found.

It was also originally used as an amulet against evil eye, and it was worn to ward off black magic. 

Istanbul’s church of Hagia Sophia also flaunts Malachite columns. Today, crystal workers believe that Malachite is still an evolving stone that can become one of the world’s most relevant healing stones.

malachite healing properties

Healing Properties of Malachite

Malachite possesses a strong vibrational energy that is useful for intense transformation. It empowers you to move forward and be adventurous, taking calculated risks that can bring positive changes.

In your pursuit of transformative growth, Malachite’s healing properties encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

Embrace the uncomfortable changes because it’s only through this painstaking process that you can expect a breakthrough.

Maybe you’re trying to lose weight, starting new habits, or learning a new skill. Whatever the case may be, Malachite can aid you to move forward despite the difficulty.

It is also unapologetic with exposing your self-sabotaging tendencies and reminds you to be accountable for your actions. 

Malachite teaches you how to outgrow these destructive patterns while also drawing off the negative energies that come with it. You’ll feel a sense of new vigor and direction once you embrace this healing stone into your life.

Not only that, but it is also a highly protective stone making it ideal for carrying with you at all times or in your home.

It also has advantages when it comes to enhancing the mind. If you experience difficulty with learning and absorbing new information, Malachite can aid your memory and focus.

It helps you be more discerning of a problem and develop logical solutions founded on empathy and sensibility.

malachite healing stone

If you also have low self-esteem, Malachite can empower you to feel confident and make new friendships. This is also made possible because you begin to develop an enhanced empathy through this stone. 

Above all else, Malachite resonates with the heart chakra because of its aura. For transformation to start you first, have to explore your inner world, which is what Malachite does well. 

It aids you to reflect on your responsibilities, what you value right now, and what you need to cut off from your life.

The process may be difficult at first, but the solution here is to have consistency and faith in yourself. 

Remember, you have to silence that overbearing inner critic and shift it into an encouraging and gentle voice. This way, you permit yourself to commit mistakes, yet you become more empowered and responsible in the future.

how to use malachite

How To Use Malachite

The first thing you should do when you finally have your Malachite is to cleanse it. Activate your crystal by using white light visualization methods, singing bowls, smudging with sage, and the likes.

However, it would be best if you did not wash your Malachite in water as it can be corrosive for them.

As a rule of thumb, any crystal that ends with “ite” shouldn’t be cleansed with running water.

After that charge your crystal with intention by reciting a mantra like this one: “I am perceptive of positive changes and transform with healing.”

Repeat this mantra in your mind while holding your Malachite stone or jewelry and visualizing a white light emanating from it.

how to use malachite

Wear as jewelry.

Crystals become more effective when you continuously use them and are near them. This is because the closer you are to them, the more your chakras can be realigned or healed. 

Wearing Malachite jewelry is a perfect way to harness their transformative powers. The best way to wear it is on your left hand either as a ring or a bracelet. 

This is because your left hand is closest to your heart chakra, which Malachite resonates with very well.

You can also use it as a long necklace with the Malachite pendant sitting near your heart. However, don’t overuse Malachite as it may cause palpitation sometimes. 

The best way to benefit from its healing properties while also being gentle within is by incorporating crystals like Rose Quartz and Rhodonite. 

Crystal combinations

Malachite has an intense energy, and it works best when you deeply desire this change. However, it also takes on a different form once you incorporate complementary healing crystals.

Malachite with Azurite unlocks spiritual vision, opens the third eye, and brings deep healing. Because both are high vibrational, your spiritual blocks can be extinguished, and you can tap your higher self.

When you combine Malachite with Chrysocolla, on the other hand, you become more balanced. The gentleness and nurturing vibe of Chrysocolla also facilitates new beginnings that resonate well with Malachite.

When used together, you’ll feel more at peace while changing for the better.

Malachite’s transformative energy can empower you to be the best version of yourself while also making you more mature with your responsibilities.

Are you ready to bring positive changes in your life through Malachite’s transformations? Head on to our shop and choose the Malachite piece that resonates with your energy.

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