Highly favored by gemstone enthusiasts, Sapphire is only second to the superiority of Diamonds. However, aside from its elegant beauty, Sapphire is also a healing crystal that possesses a nurturing prowess that brings about growth towards your spirituality.

Sapphire’s healing properties are as faceted as its form, and it empowers you with peace of mind, emotional release, wisdom, and truth. 

Discover the prowess of the elegant Sapphire and how it can bring inner healing to your life.

sapphire healing properties origins

Origin of Sapphire

Sapphire is a highly popular crystal and is often seen as the focal point of statement jewelry. And while this may have been flaunted in high fashion, Sapphire’s history is faceted in power and healing.

When translated in Sanskrit, Sapphire means “Beloved Saturn” and is highly valued in Vedic astrology. In fact, Saturn was considered to be the first planet to appear out of the Universe, according to Hindu mythology.

They associated Star Sapphire with this planet, and it symbolized the emergence of light from the blanket of darkness.

Moreover, Sapphire was seen as a medical tool to heal the eyes. The lapidaries present in the Middle Ages suggest that this healing crystal has been used to clear one’s sight, improve blood circulation, and regulate the body.

The belief that it has the healing property to bring crystal-clear eyesight is because of its pure crystalline form. It’s as if this crystal’s untainted beauty can also bring out the light in one’s eyes. 

Above all else, Sapphire is greatly valued not just for its beauty but because it nurtures truth, wisdom, virtue, and innocence. 

sapphire healing properties

Healing Properties of Sapphire

Known as the “Wisdom Stone,” Sapphire calms your mind and helps you be pragmatic while also being empathetic. Like Amethyst’s healing properties, Sapphire is also proven to release mental and emotional stress so that serenity will foster in your mind. 

It is perfect for people who often are swayed by the intensity of their emotions. Or if you often find it challenging to come up with decisions. 

As it is a stone that endows you with wisdom, this is an excellent crystal to have in an office, especially for professionals that deal with guidance. If you’re a crystal healer, then, of course, Sapphire is perfect for distance reiki healing sessions.

If you’re also a therapist, guidance counselor, HR manager, or even just a natural empath, having Sapphire at hand may it be in the form of healing jewelry or clusters, is highly beneficial. You would no longer feel drained from absorbing the emotional exchange with other people.

You’ll be more cool-headed and can impart valuable wisdom towards them without compromising your own energy.

Aside from this, Sapphire also encourages mental concentration. So you can program it to aid you whenever you are studying or powering through high-level tasks that need mental clarity.

Sapphire encourages you to find your truth in a spiritual perspective and brings purity into your intentions. It also heavily resonates with the throat chakra, which means that you will be able to harness your self-expression and communication skills more effectively.

Moreover, the tranquility present in Sapphire has the ability to transmute negative energies into positive ones.

in a state of peace with sapphire

However, as opposed to popular belief, Sapphire doesn’t only come in a rich blue form. There are multiple colors of this healing crystal, and the best part is that each has distinctive healing properties.

Green Sapphire

This variant of Sapphire focuses more on healing the physical and metaphysical sight. It is known to aid in improving vision, as well as dream recall. 

Its green color resonates with the heart chakra, thus bringing fidelity into your relationships. Another aspect of Green Sapphire is that it enables you to embrace other people’s flaws with sensitivity and compassion. 

Purple Sapphire

The purple hue of this crystal helps in connecting you to your third eye chakra. This is highly beneficial whenever you are meditating in-depth or facilitating reiki sessions. 

This crystal also empowers inherent psychic abilities you may already have. And above all else, purple Sapphire enables you to stay calm whenever your emotions are starting to wash over you. 

Pink Sapphire

This healing crystal specializes in encouraging breakthroughs in your life. It empowers you to act on the issues or goals you have to improve yourself. Pink Sapphire helps you master your emotions and clears emotional blockages. 

Royal Sapphire

Like blue Sapphire, this type aids in cutting negative tethers that strain your aura. It also heavily deals with growth and teaches accountability when it comes to your actions and emotions. 

Black Sapphire

A highly protective stone, this Sapphire is helpful whenever you find yourself at a standstill. It imparts confidence as well as intuition so you would no longer be frozen by fear.

Star Sapphire

Last but definitely not least, Star Sapphire is a high vibrational crystal that acts as your spirit guide. As it is associated with the first planet, Saturn, (as believed by the ancient Hindus), it acts as a medium for spiritual awareness.

It is believed to open cosmic consciousness, awakening spiritual wisdom, and helps you be grounded to your life purpose. 

Sapphire is a faceted healing crystal that has various healing properties. And while it may be diverse in this sense, this crystal is rooted in imparting the wisdom of the Universe.

how to use sapphire

How To Use Sapphire

Before you program your Sapphire to fit your intentions, you first have to cleanse and activate it. While most people would suggest cleansing through water, the best way is actually through white light visualization.

Not all crystals are made the same, and so some may be more comfortable with other methods while others can be damaged.

With white light visualization, however, this method applies to all of the healing crystals. 

This is because you will only have to harness your thoughts and project them into the crystal. To do this, you first have to hold your crystal and imagine a white light streaming from your crown chakra towards your arms and eventually to your Sapphire.

This will automatically activate your crystal, and you’ll finally be able to harness it through your intentions. 

Use as jewelry

The fact remains that Sapphire is a sought after fashion statement, so it’s no surprise that it is usually used as jewelry. However, it is also proven that the more you are closer to your crystal, the more you’ll feel its healing properties.

The best way to use Sapphire is in the form of a necklace and bracelet. A  Sapphire necklace is perfect as it is situated near your throat chakra, thus making you more confident and eloquent once you’re wearing it.

Use whenever you’re doing healing sessions.

Healing sessions can vary from person to person. The prominent one in alternative healing is distance reiki healing sessions, of course. However, you can also harness the wisdom of Sapphire whenever you’re giving advice to your loved ones.

If you are also a tarot reader, having a Sapphire bracelet, for instance, can help you be more intuitive and in harmony with your readings. Alongside this you’ll be able to impart valuable messages to your querent. 

faceted sapphire

Sapphire’s healing properties lean more on the exchange of wisdom, which is why it is often harnessed by teachers at heart. 

Are you ready to bask in the wisdom and richness of Sapphire? Head on to our shop and pick the Sapphire jewelry piece that resonates with you. 

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