The faceted lives of crystals both exist on Earth and the cosmos. They are a gateway for the higher self and embracing spirituality, yet not all crystals have that heavenly power. On the other hand, Celestite can create this powerful link and open your mind to the Universe.

Not only that but Celestite’s healing properties allows you to synthesize instinct and intuition. Washing away your fears and bringing mental clarity. It is a healing stone that speaks of the divine truth.

Discover the heavenly prowess of Celestite and how it can empower your spirituality.

celestite healing properties origins

Origins of Celestite

Celestite is derived from the Latin word “caelestis,” which literally means celestial. And like its origin name, this crystal is believed to expand one’s consciousness in harmony with the cosmos.

According to crystal lore, Celestite was created by an angelic choir, and it supported communication with the angels. 

Alongside this, Celestite was heavily associated with the Archangel Michael.

Crystal workers also believed that gazing on the crystal’s ethereal blue form can induce a deep state of peace and help one travel across dimensions.

It’s heavenly color resulted from traces of gold and strontium. The paradox of Celestite is that it has a nurturing spiritual energy, yet it also has a powerful force within.

Strontium is, in fact, a component for making red fireworks, yet it also coexists in the heavenly facets of this crystal. 

Today, Celestite can be found in Egypt, Mexico, Britain, Poland, Peru, Libya, and Madagascar. 

While it can be easily obtained, this crystal has a high price because of its powerful spiritual prowess.

celestite healing properties

Healing Properties of Celestite

Celestite is an excellent crystal to harness when meditating, especially for beginners. This is because it can help you tap your higher self easily, even if you have no prior experience with meditation at first.

It’s nurturing, and gentle vibrations make this possible as you are welcomed in a profound state of peace. 

This healing crystal is also perfect for calming heated emotions and realigning you to your core.

Whenever your mind is plagued with doubts, fears, and insecurities, Celestite soothes your worries away and instead envelops you in a calming embrace.

Celestite’s healing properties to calm one’s emotions easily also bring mental clarity and hope.

So, whenever you feel as if you are faced with a challenging phase in your life, no matter how trivial it may seem to you, having Celestite in hand can help you feel empowered with hope.

Because of its ability to induce peace, it is also incredibly helpful for resolving conflicts and maintain a harmonious atmosphere. Communication is easier with Celestite, and you won’t be overwhelmed with temper.

celestite healing crystal

It purifies the heart from negative emotions and heals your aura so you can begin to reveal your truth. You would no longer be dragged down from undesirable impulses. Instead, you learn how to be at peace no matter the situation is at hand.

This healing crystal also imbibes you with a gentle kind of strength along with inner peace, so you become more perceptive to new experiences. It helps you be more open and welcoming of changes even if you initially don’t want to.

Alongside this, Celestite is a perfect crystal for artists. It stimulates creativity and expands their imagination.

Like Amethyst, this stone has been associated with the arts because of the serenity it imparts to spark creativity. 

When it comes to treating the physical body, Celestite was used by crystal workers externally to relieve muscle tension or fatigue and eye problems. 

In a metaphysical sense, this healing crystal makes it possible for spiritual enlightenment to come to you.

Celestite is believed to assist in clairvoyant communication, dream recall, and journeying to the angelic realms.

Above all else, Celestite is a powerful stone that brings alignment. It aids in synthesizing the intellect and instinct. Whenever you feel disconnected from your spirituality, Celestite helps you go back to your roots.

how to use celestite

How To Use Celestite

Once you finally have your Celestite, the first thing you have to do is to activate your crystal. You can do this in various ways, but the most effective one is through white light visualization.

As much as possible, you should never wash your Celestite crystal with water. This is because Celestite can be damaged easily with water’s corrosiveness. 

It’s a rule of thumb that you should avoid washing crystals that end with “ite” in their names. Lastly, avoid exposing your Celestite to sunlight since it may cause it to fade in color.

Celestite is a highly precious crystal, and you have to take care of it as much as possible. 

Meditate with Celestite

The ideal way to utilize the heavenly prowess of Celestite is through meditation. This healing crystal is a powerful one that helps you connect to the spiritual realm and tap your higher self.

If your a tarot reader or reiki practitioner, having a Celestite geode or crystal with you can help you harness your intuition more profoundly.

This is an excellent crystal to bring in more spiritual energy to people that are already in tune with their intuitive prowess.

celestite, rose quartz, and amethyst

You could also use it for mantra meditation every morning or before you go to sleep. Recite a mantra while holding your Celestite fervently so you can feel aligned with your purpose for the day or the next one.

Use as jewelry

The nearer you are with Celestite, the more you can feel its healing powers bask within you. Wear a Celestite bracelet or necklace whenever you are doing mindful practices.

If you’re also often overwhelmed by stress, anger, and fears, wearing any kind of Celestite jewelry can help you be more at peace and handle difficult situations with ease.

Let’s say you want to clear out any conflict with your relationships, Celestite’s healing energy can help you be more fluent and express your thoughts. This crystal can create a gentle atmosphere, so understanding and empathy can pervade.

External use to relieve body aches

Celestite brings peace not only in a metaphysical sense but also to your physical body. If you ever have body aches, you can also externally apply Celestite infused water or a tumbled stone to assist in your medication.

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