A famous Chinese saying once stated: “You can put a price on Gold, but Jade is priceless.”

Jade, or commonly known as the “Gem Supreme,” is a prominent crystal of Eastern culture. It’s a symbol of power and protection often linked to the nobility and is known to cleanse impurities in the body.

Whenever you go to Asia, museums’ antiquities are steeped in Jade imagery and are displayed almost in every kiosk out there. 

Jade’s healing properties not only purify your body from toxins; it also attracts luck and wealth.

It reenergizes chi and empowers you with clarity and calm so that you can forge through your dreams with security and harmony. 

Discover how Jade can create abundance in your life and untether the negativity attached to your psyche. 

Jade Origins

But first, what are the origins of Jade?

Jade is a powerful crystal not just in the metaphysical sense but in its geological composition.

It is a rock that is said to be stronger than diamond and can’t easily break. Alongside this, there are two types of Jade, Jadeite and Nephrite, all of which have varying effects on the user. 

This stone is prominent in China, Myanmar, Italy, Russia, US, and the Middle East. Although it is not seen as valuable as sapphires, rubies, and amethyst in Western culture, the Chinese people perceive them in high regard as they represent the five virtues and happiness.

The Five Virtues consists of:

  • Wisdom
  • Justice
  • Modesty
  • Courage
  • Purity

While the Five Happiness consists of:

  • Wealth
  • Old Age
  • Health
  • Natural Death
  • and Love of Virtue

This perception embodies the values in ancient China and one that they continue to uphold to this day.

It is also dubbed as the “Jewel of Heaven” for its superiority, and most temples or palaces in the East have large statues of dragons made out of pure Jade to symbolize the power of the royalty.

This stone is not only predominant in China, though; in fact, its significance has also been a part of Aztec culture.

It is prized as an excellent healing crystal that channels their gods’ powers. The Maoris of New Zealand also wore Jade as a talisman of fertility and to ensure long life. 

Its green profile, however, led to a lot of misnomers tied to Jade. Some of the crystals mistaken for this stone are Indian Jade, which is actually Aventurine; Amazon Jade, which is just Amazonite; African Jade that stands for Garnet; and Oregon Jade, which stands for Green Jasper. 

Jade Stones

Many crystal sellers still use these misnomers, leading to false claims of its healing properties.

The best way to identify genuine Jade from other stones is by heating it either with a candle or lighter. You can tie a hair strand around it, and if it doesn’t melt or burn in the process, then that means your Jade is authentic.

This stone cannot store heat for long as it is incredibly cold to the touch. 

Fake Jade can easily melt when heated as some are made out of plastic; it should be taken note that unlike other crystals associated with it, Jade doesn’t have a natural shimmer and is likely to be flat when viewed in the light.

These are just some of Jade’s misnomers, but what sets it apart from all the others that also attract abundance is its transformative and protective healing properties

Healing Properties of Jade

Healing Properties of Jade

Jade is considered a lucky charm to attract wealth, but nuances should be taken into account when using crystals for abundance.

Citrine is a crystal that you should use to attract money when you have little of it. Aventurine is used when you also want your new business ventures to be prosperous.

Jade, on the other hand, lets you attract it by balancing the cycle of giving and receiving. Take note that these crystals of abundance are keen to provide you with wealth and do not promote overindulgence. 

Because of the variety present in Jade, specific colors also bring about different physical and psychological benefits.

  • Green Jade (the most common form)
    • Calms the nervous system and channels passion in constructive ways
    • This also helps bring harmony in dysfunctional relationships with family, friends, or significant other.
  • Blue Jade 
    • brings serenity and aids people who are overwhelmed by their life situations
    • Symbolizes peace and reflection
    • The stone for slow but steady progress
  • Brown Jade
    • It is a grounding crystal that brings forth comfort and reliability. 
    • Helps in adjusting you whenever you’re in a new environment
  • Lavender Jade 
    • Helps heal emotional trauma and brings forth inner peace
    • Teaches restraint in emotional situations and enables you to set clear personal boundaries
  • Yellow Jade 
    • Energetic and stimulating but emits it gently. 
    • Brings out happiness and aids in problems with the digestive system
  • Red Jade
    • Considered as the most intense and passionate Jade
    • Helps in releasing pent up tension, calms anger, and helps you let off steam
  • Orange Jade
    • An energetic form bringing joy as well as teaches you to appreciate your existing relationships
  • White Jade
    • The ultimate symbol of purity
    • It directs your energy in the most constructive way and aids in decision-making

This crystal is also believed to “know” and protect its wearer. As it is a natural protector of your aura from negative entities may it be paranormal or energy vampires, it can form a bond with you.

If you have been wearing Jade for almost three months or more, it begins to resonate with your energy.

It is advised not to take it off or give it to others because its powers can no longer be harnessed by other people but only by its previous owner.

This is why superstitions about ancient Jade forbid people to wear it because it may affect your chi or remain purely ornamental.

Whenever you are healthy physically and emotionally, your Jade also flourishes, but when your Jade becomes dull or chips away, this is a sign that it has suffered for your sake. Jade corresponds to your current energy and reminds you when you need rebalancing.

In a physiological sense, this stone can also helps in purifying your kidney, bladder, spleen, and brings about fluid balance in your body.

It detoxifies the body and aids in filtering the toxins out. It also prevents fatigue from settling in and is used to delay decomposition.

Other than that, Jade is also known to stimulate ideas and makes tasks seem less complex so they can be acted upon immediately.

It also promotes self-sufficiency, boosts confidence, and helps the assimilation of knowledge more accessible. Jade can also help you have vivid dreams and aid you in having a fitful rest. 

Jade is known as a cleansing, cure-all crystal that can be harnessed in different ways to benefit from its healing properties. 

Jade usage

How To Use Jade

Before utilizing Jade for different reasons, you have to cleanse it first so it can be activated and empowered to create changes in your life.

Because it is an Earth crystal, you can bury beneath the soil overnight or smudge it using sage sticks. However, another way is also by surrounding it with cleansing crystals with a high vibration like Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, and Selenite.

To attract wealth in your life.

According to Feng Shui, you have to place your Jade crystals in the southeast corner of your home or workplace so that good fortune can come into your life.

Jade ornaments can also be integrated into your interior as they represent financial growth; this usually comes in the form of the Jade Fish and the Three-Legged Jade Frog.

Another way is by combining Jade with other Earth crystals as well to attract wealth more strongly. Crystals such as Aventurine, Pyrite, Amazonite, Red Garnet, and Citrine are excellent crystals to integrate. 

Jade for attracting wealth

Wear it as jewelry

Jade becomes more powerful when it is in close proximity to you. Necklaces are ideal jewelry because the Jade pendant can rest near the heart, thus amplifying its healing properties since it resonates with the heart chakra.

Whenever you are experiencing intense emotions, Jade can calm you so you can perceive your situation with clarity.

Alongside this, you can also wear bangles or rings in your left hand because it is located near your heart. 

To help in addressing health issues and wounds

Powdered Jade infused in water can help alleviate your health issues concerning the kidney, spleen, and prevent overfatigue.

Another benefit it has is that it can encourage stitches and abrasions to close up naturally over time. Just place the Jade in the stitches and rub them gently in a counterclockwise motion. 

For vivid dreams

Known as the “dream stone,” Jade can help you have vivid dreams and promotes a fitful sleep for you. You have to place a tumbled stone of Jade under your pillow, and it will emit its healing powers towards your dream state.

For skincare 

Jade rollers are by far one of the most popular beauty tools that are integrated with skincare today alongside Gua Sha.

However, these are actually practiced in China way back before. Jade rollers can help in lymphatic draining, which helps in removing the toxins in your face.

The best way to use them is by massaging your face with it downwards to your clavicle instead of the usual upward massage.

Jade for Skin care

Jade has the power to bring forth expansion and growth in your life while also maintaining balance in your psyche.

It is a healing crystal that is steeped with history and likewise can create histories with you. This self-aware crystal can help you achieve your goals in life but will always ground you to the core of your values.

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