Whenever you feel yourself spiraling into gloominess, Citrine’s healing properties can shed light on your woes and lift your spirits.

This crystal is just like solidified sunshine because of its nature to bring forth positivity and prosperity. It balances joy on our inner riches and contentment on material wealth.

There may be many crystals that help you manifest wealth, such as JadePyrite, or Selenite. Still, Citrine specifically lets you achieve financial freedom while also making sure that you do not fall into the trap of materialism. 

Known as the “Success and Merchant’s Stone,” Citrine brings abundance and positivity to your career and personal pursuits. Learn its healing properties and how to harness them to your benefit.

Discover how Citrine can shed light and positivity in your life and help you find contentment in your wealth.

The origins of Citrine

But first, what are the origins of Citrine?

In tarot symbology, Citrine corresponds to The Sun card, and it is the embodiment of optimism. Whenever you are tarot reading for yourself or others, this is your “Yes” card to any question posed.  

Citrine is widely known as The Merchant’s Stone, and it is rightfully so because of its connection to prosperity. This crystal is abundant in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, France, Britain, and the US. 

There are two types of Citrine; the natural ones have a softer yellow glow, which is quite rare, while the other type is just Amethyst heated and has a more vibrant color.

While this fiery type can be considered fake Citrine , its effects are still beneficial but only on a different scale than the natural ones.

Citrine is also a part of the family of Quartz and is widely popular next to Amethyst.

Healing Properties of Citrine

Healing Properties of Citrine

Citrine’s color perfectly corresponds to the sacral and solar plexus chakra. T he sacral governs sexuality, and the solar plexus controls our personal power.

Whenever the solar plexus is blocked, there’s a tendency that you are prone to letting other people trample down your boundaries and take away your power.

However, if your solar plexus is overly activated, you will be pushier towards other people by asserting your self-importance; you become insensitive and bossy.

Balancing these chakras is vital because it helps you find your most authentic self. You become exalted whenever negative attachments untether themselves from you.

While this may be seen in a metaphysical sense only, Citrine also aids in addressing different physical problems that are also related to the chakras. 

It has the power to invigorate your immune system. Health issues regarding your digestive system, urinary tract, pancreas, and spleen can also be given a sense of reprieve through this crystal. 

Healing powers of citrine

Citrine’s healing properties also enhances memory and concentration while also dispels your fears, phobia, and can also aid with sadness.

Of course, if you have extreme health concerns in these areas, you should immediately seek professional healthcare.

The power of crystals should not be seen as an automatic medicine but more so an aid to amplify your courage and reach your manifestations. 

Speaking of manifestations, Citrine is also a potent crystal that aids you in materializing your goals.

It teaches you that what your mind conceives, it achieves. This crystal also acts as an auric shield and transmutes negative thought patterns as well as the ill wishes of others into positivity, restoring your personal power. 

In times that you feel unsure of your strengths, Citrine will shed light on your confidence once again and help you see the elements in your life that no longer serve you.

It emphasizes that you are valuable just as you are and that your self-worth is not dictated by what you do for a living and what material wealth you own. 

As the Merchant’s Stone, it truly helps attract wealth, but unlike other crystals affecting your career, Citrine also instills a material contentment mindset for you.

Prosperity, in a sense, is more of a mindset; it helps you appreciate what you already have and also the immaterial wealth you possess. 

It is a stone that exudes joy and generosity, which is why whenever you are empowered with Citrine, you aren’t prone to the trappings of consumerism, but more so on giving back to others.

This stone has the power to impart happiness, and you also want that elation you feel within you affect your surroundings, your family, and your friends. 

Citrine helps you tap your creativity once again. It’s quite useful as well whenever you receive constructive criticism because you become more welcoming of them.

You understand that some things in life are meant to teach you, and prosperity follows this kind of mindset because you act on this feedback rather than wallow. 

Citrine is a powerful crystal that forges the path towards positivity. After all, in a world that is continuously plagued in despair and discord, happiness is a valuable currency that we all need.

Uses of Citrine

How To Use Citrine

Unlike most crystals, Citrine is one of the rare ones that are already self-cleaning and doesn’t need purification.

However, it also greatly benefits from regular cleansing, so make sure to include it in your crystal routine or put it near your Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. Both are excellent crystals that dispel negativity from other crystals.

For Physical Problems

If you want to include Citrine in improving your health, you can create Citrine-infused water to sip throughout the day.

This can significantly help alleviate menstrual cramps as well as chronic pain that you feel in your body.

When it comes to digestion, though, you can use a tumbled stone and massage it counterclockwise in your belly for three to five minutes while meditating.

The pain that you feel initially will then be soothed into a mere dull ache instead. 

For Attracting Wealth

Whenever you want to attract material wealth and emotional richness in your life, a great way to promote this is through Feng Shui.

You just have to position your Citrine cluster or geode in the farthest left corner of your home and make sure that you are oriented in the main entrance.

This is regarded as the wealth corner when it comes to Feng Shui, and it will amplify the chances for abundance to come in your life. 

You can also put some Citrine in your cash drawer or purse as it can also help attract future money.

It’s best always to keep Citrine near your valuable possessions as well. You can also put it in your work office or whenever you are in business transactions as it can help boost a successful transaction by the end of the day. 

Wear it as jewelry

Citrine is more empowered whenever you place it in near proximity to you.

Wearing a Citrine pendant or necklace overcomes the difficulty in verbalizing your thoughts and feelings.

It can also aid in boosting your creativity, self-assurance, and overall uplift your mood for the day by wearing bracelets , earrings , or necklaces with this crystal.

Citrine Healing Earings
Citrine Healing Necklace

Because it naturally exudes joy and positivity, you become more motivated to work or create. Citrine lets you be more spontaneous and find the little pleasures in life.

You become more grateful and content with your environment, and this mindset enables you to be more open to future possibilities and growth. 

Keeping it in your pocket as a touchstone can also be incredibly helpful, and you can attract more wealth while also becoming more in control of yourself.

Citrine is a powerful crystal that brings out happiness into your life. It restores your confidence and also instills a different kind of mindset when it comes to material wealth. 

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