In the pursuit of happiness, most of us choose to seek wealth in our lives. However, it can be elusive at times, especially that it can spring materialism within. Aventurine, also known as “The Stone of Opportunity,” can help create avenues where prosperity can fill your life, not just in the material sense, but contentment emotionally with yourself and to others.

It incredibly helps in restoring balance into your psyche and attracts luck for your future endeavors.

Aventurine’s healing properties aids in manifesting your most authentic self, plentitude, and instills a leadership mindset. Discover how to harness its benefits. 

Discover how Aventurine can help your manifestations grow into full bloom and attract abundance in your life.

Origins of Aventurine

The Origins of Aventurine

This crystal is a part of the Quartz family. It is characterized to have mica inclusions that create its noticeable shimmer, commonly known as aventurescence. Its name is derived from the Italian word “ventura” which means “by chance,” which coincides with how it was discovered.

According to legends, in the pursuit of gold by alchemists, they have accidentally come across Aventurine instead; thus, it was named Goldstone initially.

However, today, Goldstone is now an imitation of Aventurine and Moonstone in the market; its only difference is that Goldstone has coarse flecks of copper in their surfaces.

Aventurine is predominantly green in color, but it also has other varieties like blue, peach, and red, all of which correspond to different chakras and have specific healing capabilities.

This crystal can be found mostly in India, Brazil, Chile, Tanzania, Spain, and Russia. At one point, because of its green hue, its misnomer was the Indian Jade.

However, the main difference is that Jade doesn’t shimmer in the light and is not from the Quartz family.

Healing Properties of Aventurine

Healing Properties of Aventurine

Aventurine has healing properties that resonates with the heart chakra, which shares its natural color.

When it comes to relationships, it helps in stripping away attachments that emotionally drain you, leaving you into a husk of what you once were. If you are an empath, you can be susceptible to energy vampires. 

Energy vampires are people who feed off from your healing nature and turn every situation towards their ego. Often, they have a victim mindset and like to draw attention towards them while simultaneously depleting your energy.

Aventurine helps you realize that some relationships in your life inflict far more damage than you initially thought.

It helps mend your heart, whether it be from a recent breakup or the parting of a loved one. What Aventurine does is that it creates this space for you to take a pause, cry, and come to terms with what you’re currently going through. It doesn’t necessarily fence your heart, but more so helps you heal at your own pace.

Aventurine is also known as “The Healer of healers,” as its healing properties is beneficial for therapists, nurses, reiki healers, or empaths.

This crystal helps deflect the negative energy your client, patient, or friend from seeping into your aura so that you won’t feel equally depleted after every session. 

Not only does it protect you, but it also can affect your friend to calm down and eventually heal because of the energy Aventurine emits.

This healing crystal can also gently transmute distress into a loving energy. This is why it is highly ideal to use it when dealing with emotional matters.

Aventurine healing stones

When it comes to attracting abundance in your life, Aventurine makes new ventures possible and successful, bringing fortune and luck in your side.

Whenever you are about to take risks or business transactions, this crystal can help boost your confidence as it makes everything almost possible.

Not only that, but Aventurine helps in propelling fresh starts towards a favorable destination. It brings inspiration and aids your projects and dreams to bloom into fruition.

Aventurine unlocks your talents and mindset, which is only restricted by your own limiting beliefs.It reinforces leadership and decisiveness within you so that you can charge ahead on your plans.

Trust the process, and with the aid of Aventurine, you can achieve your goals.

This crystal is also known to bring forth fertility, if you want to conceive. Not only that, but it also helps in clearing geopathic stress and therefore helping your plants at home flourish.

In terms of physical benefits, Aventurine helps enhance intellectual development among children or even adults and aids in assimilating knowledge more efficiently. 

Alongside this, it helps stabilize the mind, increases overall vitality, regulates blood pressure, and helps address the heart’s health issues.

Aventurine is an all-around healer that promotes abundance, not just in a material sense but also within you.

Aventurine uses

How To Use Aventurine

In using your Aventurine, it is essential that you cleanse it before using it. Purifying your crystal empowers them and makes their healing properties flow more efficiently.

Since Aventurine, by nature, resonates with the earth, one way to cleanse it is by burying it in the soil the night before.

This process recharges and activates them. Another way is by exposing them to moonlight or burying them in salt.

Since Aventurine is a diverse healing crystal, there are a lot of ways to harness its powers.

If you plan to attract wealth through it, you can keep a tumbled stone in your purse or cash box to further amplify it towards you.

Another effective way is by placing Aventurine in the prosperity corner of your house based on Feng Shui. This is located in your home office or generally where you work and keep your cash. 

You can also create a crystal grid to manifest financial abundance. Here are the steps in creating this grid to attract wealth in your life:

  • The first thing you need to do is get any flat container and place it in your prosperity corner. 
  • Get a hundred dollar bill or any amount you deem fit, then put it in the center of your container with an Aventurine on top. 
  • To amplify its attraction power, you should also add four Citrine points or wands on the four cardinal directions around Aventurine. 
  • Form it in an X shape or a cross so that the energy is concentrated on the center.  
Aventurine Crystal Grid

Make sure to project your intentions on the grid as well by visualizing the amount of money you want to come your way. Leave it in your office for 30 days or after one moon cycle and just wait for abundance to manifest! 

Wearing Aventurine as jewelry is also the easiest way to benefit from its healing properties.

Wearing it as a necklace with the Aventurine pendant near your heart can help you towards your emotional recovery. The more the crystal is near your heart chakra, the more its healing properties can aid you. 

Aventurine Ring

Close proximity with this crystal can help you perceive more opportunities in life and continue attracting abundance, whether it be in your self-image, career, or relationships with others.

You will see how with Aventurine, your growth as an individual becomes more prominent and fulfilling. 

If you want to benefit from its power of fertility, you can place a cluster of it in your bedroom window, so it continually wafts its energy in your intimate space.

You can also rub a piece of Aventurine near your belly counterclockwise for 3 minutes while projecting your desires on it.

When it comes to your plants, though, you can bury Aventurine’s tumbled stone together with seeds to ensure a beautiful growth for your future plants.

Alongside this, you can also place it near your dying plants so they can be rejuvenated with its healing energy.

This crystal also has different varieties of color, and each of them corresponds to specific uses as well.  

  • Blue Aventurine
    • Facilitates mental healing and brings about inner calm
  • Peach Aventurine
    • Enhances the flow of healing energy from the Earth into the physical body
  • Red Aventurine
    • Resonates with the urogenital system to increase fertility and enhances libido
  • Green Aventurine
    • Comforter and heart healer
    • General harmonizer and protects the heart
    • Brings things back in control

Aventurine is a wonderful and gentle healing crystal that attracts all the right things for your life.

From giving abundance towards your material wealth to helping your heart mend from emotional trauma while also protecting your personal power, this crystal is indeed a natural healer that can help you discover the life you want to live.

Are you now ready to discover how Aventurine can help you towards transformative healing and manifesting your goals? Head on to our shop and pick the Aventurine piece that resonates with you. 

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