With every turn of a season, your intentions for growth and change also amplifies. And this desire for a fresh start isn’t only applicable during the new year or the first day of the month or week. Every day, you are given the opportunity for a new beginning, and Chrysocolla’s healing properties can significantly aid you in your healing journey.

Whether you intend to grow from your self-limiting beliefs, embrace difficult changes, or start new habits for your personal growth, Chrysocolla can bring harmony and calmness within you.

Discover how Chrysocolla can empower you to embrace change and spark new beginnings in your life.

chrysocolla healing properties origins

Origins of Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla flaunts a beautiful cool blue-green color despite that; its name was derived from its ancient use instead. It translates to “gold glue” as it is used in soldering gold pieces before. 

Alongside this, Chrysocolla was also popular among royals before. It was worn occasionally by Cleopatra and Emperor Nero of Rome. 

Renaissance painters also grounded this precious stone and used it to create their paint. It may be hard to believe, but many renowned paintings before used powdered rocks or crystals as base paints. 

Crystals like Azurite and Ultramarine were also utilized alongside Chrysocolla for creating masterpieces!

Today, Chrysocolla is often used for distance reiki healing, energy sessions, meditation, and the likes. It is also commonly found in the US, Britain, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Russia.

chrysocolla healing properties

Healing Properties of Chrysocolla

This healing crystal’s transformational prowess lies in creating new beginnings. This is why Chrysocolla is often used for manifesting changes. 

It’s also incredibly soothing and is perfect when you are in a breakthrough or experiencing sudden shifts in your life.

Chrysocolla’s healing properties help you transition smoothly and embrace the discomfort in metamorphosis. 

If you are setting new habits to improve your physical health, this crystal can help you stick with it through and through. It also brings positive changes and pushes you to continually get out of your comfort zone to achieve your new goals. 

Whether you’re subconsciously resisting change or doubting your own capability to grow, Chrysocolla can empower you with confidence and calmness. 

This crystal’s soothing effect is vital in realigning your current goals so you can move forward with intention rather than just sheer aggressiveness. 

Alongside this, it also energizes you to create intentional actions, especially when you feel like procrastinating or submitting to self-sabotage.  

Like Labradorite and Moonstone, Chrysocolla also resonates with the throat chakra, making it perfect for healing blockages in communication.

Do you often find yourself suppressing your thoughts just to consider other people’s feelings instead? Do you often invalidate your emotions and feel the need to criticize yourself? How many times have you struggled to speak your mind in front of other people?

reiki healing of throat chakra

If you find yourself nodding to at least one of these, then it’s high time you stop gaslighting yourself and start embracing your truth!

It may be a difficult journey to speak out and feel every inch of your emotions, but know that they are all valid—you are valid. 

The first step in unblocking your throat chakra is by accepting your feelings and sitting on them rather than just brushing them off. The more you acknowledge your inner world, the more you become attuned to yourself.

Chrysocolla Healing Stone

Healing crystals like Chrysocolla can aid you in your healing journey as it can act as a tangible source of energy whenever you become overwhelmed from self-doubt.

It can help you to live in accordance with your truth and communicate your thoughts fluently and openly. 

Chrysocolla instills tranquility and makes you more receptive to others with empathy while also giving you independence, especially if you often seek external validation.

It helps you accept your inner world and the constant changes in your life that you have no control over. This healing crystal reminds you to be forgiving of yourself and others as well.

Above all else, Chrysocolla brings inner balance by stabilizing your emotions, soothing your mind, and redirecting you to your pursuits with fresh energy. 

If you desire to set new goals for this new year, realign and clarify your intentions with the healing embrace of Chrysocolla.

chrysocolla healing properties uses

How To Use Chrysocolla

To fully benefit from the healing powers of Chrysocolla, you have to activate it first by cleansing and charging it with your intentions.

The best way to charge this crystal is through white light visualization.

You just have to hold it in your hands and imagine white light flowing from your crown chakra towards the crystal. Imagine negative energy in the form of smoke dissipating from your Chrysocolla.

This is the most effective and cost-free method, but you can also cleanse your crystal by exposing it in the moonlight or meditating with singing bowls. 

Here’s a helpful guide on how you can activate your crystal, whether you’re a new crystal owner or not. 

Wear it as jewelry every day and whenever you are meditating.

The best way to benefit from a healing crystal is through being with it in close proximity.

Wearing a Chrysocolla necklace is the best option as it is near your throat chakra and its healing properties become more amplified.

Whenever you are also doing mindful activities like journaling, meditation, shadow work, or tarot readings, Chrysocolla can help you clarify your intentions and improve your inner work.

Wear Chrysocolla earrings as well to enhance your communication, especially in listening rather than through talking. 

You’ll feel more confident and eloquent once you wear Chrysocolla jewelry, and you’re no longer as awkward with speaking publicly as before. 

Use for crystal bath.

Crystal bath is a perfect activity for rejuvenating as well as meditating. If you are stressed at work or find yourself needing a fresh start, you can do so with Chrysocolla.

Just place a Chrysocolla point or tumbled stone in your bathtub together with essential oils and candles. You can also incorporate crystals like Labradorite, Clear Quartz, and Moonstone to imbibe more nurturing energy.

Embrace the soothing energy of these crystals in your bath, and you’ll feel like a new person after bathing in their prowess.

Create a crystal grid for new beginnings

This is also an excellent method for meditation and synergizing the powers of different crystals. Incorporate Chrysocolla with the following healing crystals as they resonate with each other:

chrysocolla crystal grid

Chrysocolla is an incredibly healing crystal for stabilizing your emotions, sparking new beginnings, and helping you embrace change in all its facets. Whenever you are in doubt of your capabilities and need to feel empowered, trust that Chrysocolla’s healing properties can aid you through and through.

Ready to start your new journey with Chrysocolla? Embrace this fresh start and pick a Chrysocolla jewelry piece that resonates with you in our shop.


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