Lapis Lazuli is an ancient status symbol embodying the divine night sky and the Egyptian gods’ power. It is a highly revered crystal in Mesopotamia and is known to be connected with the cosmic Universe. 

Each of us may have a different spiritual belief and practices, yet Lapis Lazuli knows no bounds and is a useful tool to help you deepen your spiritual roots. It harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels in your body. 

Discover how Lapis Lazuli can aid you in your spiritual growth and transform your life

Lapis Lazuli Origins

But first, what are the origins of this crystal?

Lapis Lazuli is derived from the Latin word “lapis,” meaning stone, and the Persian lazhward, which means blue. This stone has a dazzling ultramarine color accentuated by gold flecks and is usually dense and veined. 

Lapis Lazuli is not a crystal in itself but a combination of different crystals. It consists of Blue Lazarite, White Calcite, and Golden Pyrite, giving its distinct deep color.

This symbolized royal power for eons, especially that it reflects the vast night sky. 

“What is below is a reflection of what is above, carrying the same powers and sharing the same energetic signature.” – Judy Hall, 101 Power Crystals

This beautiful crystal can be easily obtained, but the finest Lapis Lazuli is often expensiveThe best Lapis Lazuli resides in Afghanistan and has been mined for over 6000 years. Russia, Chile, Egypt, Middle East, Italy, and the US are also sources. 

However, because of the sought after Afghan blue color, some people dye Lapis Lazuli instead.

To know if you’re Lapis Lazuli is dyed, you can just soak it in acetone, which can be usually found in nail polish removers.

If the stone bleeds out blue colors, then it is definitely dyed. This doesn’t mean that you’re Lapis Lazuli is fake; however, if the stone loses all of its colors, then that means it is inauthentic. 

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal that aids in developing the spiritual journey as well as heals and protects your energy. 

Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli

In ancient Egyptian medicine, Lapis Lazuli encourages healing by amplifying the expectations of the cure. This is now what we call the “placebo effect,” and this crystal is often used together with traditional medicine. 

Physiologically, it can help alleviate insomnia, headaches, migraine, and other pains related to the head.

It is also known for helping address sore throats and other problems associated with the immune system. 

Lapis Lazuli stimulates enlightenment and enhances dream work. It resonates with the third eye chakra and the throat chakra, resulting in a profound connection to your higher self.

Because of its spiritual nature, it easily recognizes psychic attacks like other people’s ill wishes on you and paranormal disturbances. 

This stone can protect your energy more effectively because of its Pyrite inclusion.

Pyrite is known for deflecting negative tethers and shielding your aura. Lapis Lazuli is a perfect crystal to be by your side, especially if you are a healer by profession.

It protects your energy when you’re doing spiritual work, crystal healing, psychic readings, reiki, or meditation. 

Healing properties of Lapis Lazuli

The color blue represents royalty but also a deep sense of wisdom, and stillness as embodied by the element of water.

This is why Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal that can bring serenity and clarity to you. It releases stress and brings in peace, which is the key to spiritual attunement.

Lapis Lazuli profoundly resonates with the power of your mind, which is why it is also considered a powerful thought amplifier.

It gives you objectivity and enhances your higher faculties. Whenever you are doing problem-solving, analyzing situations, or generating new ideas, Lapis Lazuli can help stimulate your mind, especially if you’re a writer, journalist, or psychologist. 

Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Above all else, because of its power to enhance the intellect, it also allows your mind to be still and process things at your own pace.

Because of this clarity, you can begin to reassess the problems you are currently facing and arrive at the best possible decisions. 

Lapis Lazuli also can balance the throat chakra, which concentrates on our communication and inner truths.

It transmutes emotional and mental blockages and sets your soul free so that you can express your truthfully. If you have repressed anger and grudges, it can help you release these pent up emotions. 

This healing stone helps you confront your feelings and acknowledge them rather than unhealthily compartmentalize them.

It doesn’t only aids in expressing your opinions but also harmonizes conflicts. Lapis Lazuli is an empowering crystal that encourages you to take charge of your life, reveal your inner truth, brings self-awareness, and allows self-expression without holding back. 

Lapis Lazuli Usage

How To Use Lapis Lazuli

Like most crystals, cleansing and empowering your Lapis Lazuli is also a vital step for you to harness its healing properties effectively.

You can charge it under the moonlight every moon cycle. This is usually because the moon represents higher intuition that also resonates with the Lapis Lazuli. 

Another way that you can do to cleanse them is by white light visualization.

This process only requires you to hold the crystal and meditate with it comfortably. Just visualize a white light on the top of your head and slowly trickling down into your arms, hands, and to your crystal.

Let the white light seep through the Lapis Lazuli and project your intentions for it to activate it effectively. 

Once you’ve done cleansing your crystal, you can then begin to use it for meditation and other activities based on your intentions. 

Mantra Meditation

Lapis Lazuli is attuned to the spiritual world, making it the ideal crystal for you in meditation.

Mantra meditation is different from your regular practice because while it encourages stillness, it also reinforces belief within you.

You just have to choose the right mantra to instill. Mantras are a powerful tool that can help you release your emotions, build your character, and face the day with a new sense of vigor. 

It is also great for beginners of the meditation practice as it gives you a focal point to concentrate on.

If you have no idea what mantra you can use, here are just some that might resonate with you. 

Mantra Meditation
Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Meditate with your Lapis Lazuli tumbled stones or wear a bracelet and necklace to amplify your thoughts into materiality. 

Wear as jewelry

Ideally, whenever you’re not around your home, wearing Lapis Lazuli jewelry outside can help in harnessing its healing properties more.

The best jewelry is usually a necklace or a choker that can sit perfectly near your throat. 

With this position, Lapis Lazuli enables you to express your thoughts more eloquently and helps you face conflict with clarity rather than be dictated by the ebbs and flows of your emotions. 

Alongside this, you can also bring Lapis Lazuli with you whenever you are studying, as it helps in accumulating knowledge more efficiently.

Bring it with you in your office or study table, and it will enhance your intellectual faculties. 

If you’re a healer by profession, wearing a Lapis Lazuli ring and bracelet can help you channel your healing energy as well as protect yourself from being depleted.

Suppose you’re also a highly sensitive person or an empath; in that case, Lapis Lazuli can bring serenity within you so you won’t get overwhelmed by emotions and can be able to give the best advice you have with clarity. 

Lapis Lazuli
Wear as Jewelry

As this crystal brings forth inner peace, you can place a Lapis Lazuli tumbled stone or wear a necklace so you can have a fitful sleep as it calms your overactive mind and helps you rest calmly. 

Place it in your home according to Feng Shui

Lapis Lazuli is a highly versatile crystal and can be used for different intentions. The Feng Shui energy map or Bagua has a floor plan layout that specifies different areas of your life and can be amplified when crystals are incorporated.

If you want to enhance your wealth and abundance, Lapis Lazuli can be an excellent crystal to do this because of its gold flecks.

Just place it in the South East area of your home. For your general health, place Lapis Lazuli in the East area, and for career, you can put it in the North. 

Because it is a highly spiritual crystal, placing Lapis Lazuli in your altar or where you meditate can help make the space more calming and perfect for mindfulness. 

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent healing crystal that brings serenity and clarity and helps you be more connected with your spiritual journey. 

Are you ready to experience Lapis Lazuli’s transformative healing towards your spiritual journey? Head on to our shop and choose the piece of Lapis Lazuli that calls to you. 

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