There are moments in your life when you suddenly feel dishonest in your own skin. As if your truth is buried deep down within you. This might be usually caused by societal pressures or when your intuition is blocked. In any case, when you are in this predicament, Sodalite can empower your voice once again so you can speak your truth and abide by it. 

Sodalite is a transformative healing crystal that brings harmonic communication, heightens your intuition, uncovers your truth, and promotes deep learning. 

Discover how Sodalite can further empower your truth and bring clarity to your life. 

Sodalite Origins

But first, what are the origins of Sodalite?

Sodalite is quite an ancient stone, and its first appearance dates back to the time of Pliny the Elder, who was a Roman crystallographer. Remnants of Sodalite were seen in the site of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption and had only been rediscovered by 1901 in a Greenland quarry. 

Today, this stone can be easily obtained in North America, France, Brazil, Greenland, Russia, Myanmar, and Romania. 

This stone sports a rich blue color and is offset by grey mottles and specks of White Calcite. The meaning of its name came from sodium as it has this inclusion and also from the Latin word “sodalitas” meaning fraternity or association. 

It perfectly embodies Sodalite’s prowess as it brings in harmony in collaborations and creates a sense of camaraderie for everyone. 

Sodalite Healing Properties

This healing stone brings in collaborative energy where the ideas of each person are acknowledged and listened to. With this crystal, there’s a sense of solidarity and purpose within a group. 

In fact, Sodalite is also an effective stone of communication

Sodalite Healing Propertie

This crystal’s healing properties also encourages productivity and efficiency. Its blue color instills focus and brings to light clarity of your visions so that you can execute them well. 

It is also known as the “Poet’s Stone” or “Truth’s Stone” as it aids in telling the truth and brings clarity to your words.

This is a perfect stone to have if you are an aspiring writer or already one by profession, a teacher, and if you’re a student as it enables you to absorb deep learning.

Sodalite also encourages the practice of rational thought, objectivity, and truth. It aids in vocalizing one’s ideals and eliminates mental confusion.

Like Lapis LazuliSodalite brings together the power of logic and intuition, which is essential for every spiritual journey.

If you’re a reiki practitioner, empath, or tarot reader, having Sodalite in your crystal repertoire enhances your intuitive prowess and allows your spiritual perception to open.

This is because Sodalite resonates with the throat and third eye chakra. It is also very beneficial in carrying out distance reiki healing.

Sodalite Healing Properties

Whenever you want to start a meditative practice, Sodalite can instill calm vibrations in your mind space.

Your thoughts flow more smoothly, and panic attacks or anxious cycles can subside with this crystal. It can also be highly effective once you use it with Moonstone as both offer tranquility to foster. 

This crystal can also make you more open to new insights and let your rigid beliefs go. Sodalite also builds you up as it releases phobias, guilt, trauma, and defense mechanisms that only hold you back instead of letting you grow. 

When it comes to relationships, this can also help eliminate passive-aggressive situations.

If you are someone who struggles to communicate your true intentions with your significant other, Sodalite can empower you through voice out your truth.

Repressed feelings and resentment won’t be able to foster and damage your relationships because of this.

Sodalite Usage

How To Use Sodalite

Before anything else, you always have to cleanse and charge your crystal. This way, your Sodalite can be empowered and provide its healing properties effectively.

There are many ways for you to cleanse Sodalite, but the ideal one is through white light visualization. You don’t need to have any tools, just your imagination. Picture a white light in your head and visualize it flowing down into your arms to your crystal.

This is also a great practice to bring focus into your mind and a warmup for meditation. Once you’re done with this, project your intentions towards Sodalite, and you can now use it. 

Wear it as jewelry

The most effective way to benefit from Sodalite is by being in close proximity to it. Wear it as a necklace whenever you meditate, and you’ll find yourself in a deep state of tranquility.

You can also wear a Sodalite bracelet or ring whenever you are studying anything new as it enables you to focus and efficiently helps in absorbing thought.

If you’re also a writer by profession, having a Sodalite jewelry piece with you can bring motivation and ease of creative thinking. 

After all, Sodalite is a stone of communication and truth. It brings to light what you want to convey and aids in bringing clarity to your mind. You can also use it when you are public speaking, whether for an orientation, business transaction, or group meeting.

This can also be exceptionally helpful for people with “sick building syndrome,” this is a condition in which a person gets more sick in an overly sterile environment. If you often feel your energy deplete for no reason, wear Sodalite, and you’ll feel better.


Spiritual healing and practices

Sodalite is a highly intuitive stone, and it helps in tapping your spiritual perception. It is excellent to include in your meditative practice as it enhances your focus and aligns you with your purpose.

If you’re an empath, reiki healer, tarot reader, and the likes, having Sodalite in an altar near you or whenever you do your practice makes it easier for your intuition to flow. 

Sodalite raises your spiritual awareness, and you can also use it with other intuitive crystals to amplify your third eye chakra. It also shields your aura more from negative energies that may deplete you. 

At the heart of it, Sodalite is a healing crystal that opens the door of understanding within us all. Because with understanding comes compassion. After all, in our hectic and divisive world, what we all need is unity. 

Ready to harness Sodalite to benefit your life? Head on to our shop and find the piece of Sodalite that calls to you.

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