In times when you feel your emotions pinning you down to the past, and you just can’t seem to break the surface of your emotional baggage, Rhodochrosite can help you unload all the pain in your heart.

Widely known as “The Stone of the Compassionate Heart,” Rhodochrosite brings repressed feelings to the surface for catharsis.

It gently directs you towards love in its many forms once again. Renewing the dark recesses of your heart and encourages you to acknowledge your feelings.

At the heart of it, Rhodochrosite is a healing crystal for love and helping you transition from the afflictions of your heart. 

Discover how Rhodochrosite can help you release the emotional tethers in your heart and how can you can bloom with love once again.

Origins of Rhodochrosite

This deep pink crystal is known as the Inca Rose and was believed to be the solidified blood of the Incan’s ancestral kings and queens.

Likewise, according to legends, a heart-shaped Rhodochrosite boulder is buried underneath the Andes Mountain’s deep caves. 

This huge boulder is said to be the heart of Mother Nature, only beating once every two hundred years, which is why the locals of the area keep it protected. 

Today, Rhodochrosite is found in the US, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, and Uruguay. It features a banded appearance of white streaks because of the white manganese.

This is why it is often mistaken for another crystal as well, which is Rhodonite. You can easily differentiate them since the former have white streaks and the latter have dominantly black streaks.

Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite opens you to compassion and aids you to release your toxic emotions that only fester your heart.

It helps you confront your irrational fears and enables you to acknowledge all the repressed emotions you keep bottled up inside.

You may have experienced an intense heartbreak before or are still grieving after some loss. While you may have permitted yourself to face your feelings before, Rhodochrosite urges you to reflect more and examine the wounds in your heart.

This won’t be a comfortable journey for you, and you might even avoid it at all costs, but it is a necessary path you should take to bloom once again.

Healing won’t always take the form we thought we desired it to be. It will never be easy, and Rhodochrosite knows this perfectly but will gradually alleviate the pain in your heart. 

Origins of Rhodochrosite

It’s deep pink color also brings forth the Divine Feminine. It is an ancient feminine energy coexisting within us alongside the masculine energy. Contrary to popular belief, though, this doesn’t only exist in women. 

All of us have the Divine Feminine, and Rhodochrosite enhances this.

It flourishes our creativity, empathy, intuition, sense of community, and sensuality regardless of gender. 

It is also a stone of renewal; if you are looking for new love, then Rhodochrosite can help you attract it together with Rose Quartz, especially your soulmate. Although, it won’t be what you expected them to be.

Rhodochrosite is a healing stone that helps you identify your negative thought patterns and releases them so that you can feel rejuvenated with life once again.

It improves your self-worth, soothes your emotional stress, and helps you move forward into finding the love that you deserve. 

Above all else, Rhodochrosite encourages positivity within and reinforces love to find you once again. It teaches your heart to open to new learnings despite the pain and propels you into new beginnings. 

Rhodochrosite Usage

How To Use Rhodochrosite

Like every crystal, Rhodochrosite also needs to be purified and empowered. This way, you can benefit from its healing properties more effectively. 

The best way to cleanse your Rhodochrosite is by white light visualization. This is a hassle-free method that doesn’t require you to buy other tools for crystal cleansing.

You just have to imagine a white light at the top of your head, slowly trickling down your arms until it reaches the Rhodochrosite in your hands. 

Once the white light has enveloped the stone, project your intentions on to it, and you can then use it. 

Wear as jewelry

Ideally, wearing Rhodochrosite is the best way for you to absorb its healing properties. Rhodochrosite necklace, for example, can help you attract your soulmate if that’s the intention you projected into it.

Its effects become more amplified as it sits near your heart when worn as a necklace.

Rhodochrosite bracelets are also perfect for releasing the repressed emotions you currently have. Wear it on your left wrist as it is near your heart’s location instead of the right one, and you can feel a little bit lighter the more frequent you wear it. 

If you are afraid of opening your heart to new love and just want to work on yourself first, Rhodochrosite can also help you be attuned with your emotions.

It aids you to set your boundaries and helps you exercise your freedom.

After all, once all your pent-up emotions have been released, you are now free to pursue what makes you feel happy without any guilt or self-limiting beliefs. 

Crystal bath with mantra meditation

You can also use Rhodochrosite by incorporating it in your bath time for relaxation and helping you meditate.

Crystal baths may appear like an indulgence, but it is actually a more mindful self-care exercise for you compared to a shopping spree or an indulgent food trip.

Arranging a crystal bath is also easy to do and helps you focus on something else before facing your feelings once again.

You can always start whichever way you like. Incorporate essential oils, rose petals, candles, and place your Rhodochrosite near your heart. 

You can also incorporate other healing crystals for love and happiness like Rose QuartzRhodoniteAmethyst, and Aventurine for transformative healing. 

Once you are in a comfortable position, you can focus on the steady rhythm of the water lapping on your body, the shadows that the candles cast, and the perfume of the rose petals. 

Crystal bath with mantra meditation

Whenever you are finally calm, you can start meditating by repeating specific mantras of release and self-love within.

It’s an easier way to do as opposed to traditional meditations because you have something to focus on.

Alongside this, mantras are powerful on their own because they can be ingrained in your consciousness in the long run. This then enables you to practice externally those mantras and help you grow into full bloom. All it takes is just belief. 

Rhodochrosite is a transformative healing crystal that opens your heart towards mindful healing.

The road you might take may be difficult to navigate at first, but you can be intentionally guided towards the love you deserve with Rhodochrosite by your side. 

Are you ready to releases those emotional tethers in your heart with Rhodochrosite? Then head on to our shop and choose the piece of Rhodochrosite that calls to you. 

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