In the pursuit of learning, motivation, and prosperity, it’s surprising that a crystal dubbed as the “Fool’s Gold” ain’t that foolish when it comes to manifesting these goals. 

Pyrite’s healing properties helps you manifest your desires but also protects your aura from toxic energies. It sparks inspiration, helps you be more articulate, and empowers you to propel your creative ideas to fruition. 

This healing crystal doesn’t merely exist for the glitz and glamor. Beyond the glitter of Fool’s Gold lies transformative healing; you just have to know how to harness it.

Discover how Pyrite can bring inspiration, communication, and abundance while also protecting your energy.

Pyrite Origins

Origins of Pyrite

Pyrite had long been used in ancient times, especially by the Greeks. Its name is, in fact, derived from the Greek word “pyr” which means fire. When struck with iron, Pyrite emits sparks, which is why it’s likened to fire.

However, this crystal is more popularly known for its moniker, Fool’s Gold. It earned that name due to its bright metallic luster. The common source for Pyrite is Peru, Japan, Spain, Australia, Norway, South Africa, Russia, Greece, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

Healing Properties of Pyrite

Healing Properties of Pyrite

Pyrite, above all else, is an excellent auric shield as it blocks negative influences from affecting your energy and restores positive vibrations. Likewise, it can prevent energy leaks from happening and can strengthen your aura giving you determination, confidence, and a sense of security. 

It doesn’t only protect yourself but also your relationships. Pyrite protects your romantic relationships from people possibly meddling with your affairs or significant other. 

This is also an excellent crystal to have if you want to manifest abundance and wealth into your life. In fact, Pyrite acts as a lucky stone, just like Jade and Citrine.

Alongside this, you can manifest your goals into fruition more as this crystal boosts motivation and enhances willpower in work and during challenging situations. 

Pyrite, more than anything else, propels you towards growth. It helps in boosting your intellect, more receptive to learning, and shifts your perspective.

It aids in forming new ways of thinking brought by the continuous process of learning. Pyrite encourages you to be more open to change and progressive views.

It also acts like a forge, where every time it strikes, your inspiration sparks, and a new idea is formed. This is the reason why Pyrite is especially beneficial for those in the creative field.

May you be a writer, artist, musician, etc.; when your livelihood or passion is in the arts, having Pyrite with you can bring forth inspirations that you never even imagined before.

How to use Pyrite

Coupled with Amethyst , which is also a crystal that incites fresh ideas, your creativity will be amplified, and you’ll definitely be on a roll! Alongside this, Pyrite helps you to be more articulate and communicate your ideas effectively.

More often than not, the very ideas that Pyrite helps bloom can become successful and instrumental for your growth. 

Pyrite is also grounding stone that helps you dig deep whenever you feel unfocused and uprooted.

While there are myriad ways to benefit from the healing prowess of this crystal, at the heart of it, it’s the only purpose is to help you grow into full bloom.

Uses of Pyrite

How To Use Pyrite

Like almost every crystal, Pyrite has to be cleansed and charged first before you can harness its healing properties.

While there are many ways to cleanse crystals, the best way for Pyrite is through white light visualization and smudging them with sage or palo santo.

Best use for Pyrite

Because Pyrite is symbolically connected to the element of fire, it can respond well with smudging. Alongside this, visualizing white light around it while you hold it meditatively is by far the safest and most intuitive way to cleanse them.

It would be best if you never cleansed Pyrite with running water or charge them under the sunlight. These harsh conditions are actually damaging to them.

Because Pyrite contains iron, it can rust when exposed to water. Its metallic sheen will fade and also weaken its healing prowess. A good rule of thumb to remember, if the crystal ends with “ite,” avoid cleaning it with water. 

Once you’re done cleansing your Pyrite, you can now charge it by projecting your intentions.

While Pyrite is faceted when it comes to its benefits, placing an intention gives it direction so that it can focus its energy correctly. 

Place it in the wealth section of your home based on Feng Shui

Feng Shui and crystals go hand in hand as it can amplify specific areas in your life that you want to prosper. Since Pyrite is known to attract abundance, you can place it in the southeast corner of your room, which is the Feng Shui corner of wealth. 

You can also place it in the southeast corner of your office space instead or near where you keep your money. The proximity can help amplify its intention of attracting abundance.

Create a crystal grid of abundance

Crystal grids are a creative and effective way for you to incorporate other crystals with the same intentions. Their combinations can also create a compounding effect. The best crystals for abundance to combine with Pyrite are:

Just bring out a handkerchief or a crystal grid cloth if you have one, then place it on a table that you can’t disturb. Position your crystals above the cloth and form a circle or a cross, whatever suits you. 

After that, visualize white light connecting each crystal to charge them and complete the grid. If you have a Selenite or Clear Quartz wand with you, you can also use it to point and connect the crystal physically. 

Leave it for 30 days or when the next moon cycle comes up, then cleanse the crystals to use for another intention.

Wear as jewelry

You can significantly benefit from Pyrite if you also wear them as jewelry. If you’re an artist and want to harness Pyrite’s creative prowess, you can use a Pyrite bracelet in your dominant hand to inspire you. 

You can also wear them as necklaces every day so that you will feel more grounded and healthy.

A Pyrite ring can also be beneficial if you use it as a kind of talisman whenever you visit a new environment where potential negative energies can cling to your aura. 

Other Pyrite jewelry pieces can also bring different intentions as long as you program them with a specific one in mind. 

Display in your office space for productivity

Pyrite is known for boosting motivation and helping you gain ideas to achieve your goals, even if it’s just a daily task. As it can help you go into that state of “flow” when it comes to your passion projects, Pyrite can also encourage you to take on more challenging work. 

Pyrite is a healing crystal that protects your energy, sparks inspiration, and helps you manifest abundance in your life.

Are you now ready to bask in the transformative prowess of Pyrite to let you and your dreams grow? Then head on to our shop and choose the Pyrite piece that profoundly resonates with you!

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