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Heart of Rescue - Rhodonite Bracelet

Let the emotional scars in your heart fully heal and bring forth self-love within through the guidance of this Rhodonite bracelet. Rhodonite is a transformative healing crystal that helps you acknowledge your pain and also gives you the clarity to not succumb to a dark place. It is widely known as the "Rescue Stone," for its ability to help you bounce back and grow your roots once again after heartbreak.

Whenever you find it difficult to transition from the past, Rhodonite can rescue your heart and help you see that you are still worthy of love.

  • Beaded bracelet consisting of 18 Rhonodite stone beads, one rectangular Rhodonite, and a heart-shaped Rhodonite pendant
  • Inner perimeter of bracelet is approximately 16 cm.
  • Each Rhodonite bead measures 8 mm.

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