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About Us


With open hearts and open arms we welcome you to this space of healing. 

Healing Meditation

Whether you're looking for a fresh start, to find love, to find balance or a more fulfilling and meaningful life, a new career, wealth, or luck, healing stones and crystals can aid you on your journey. By calling upon the high frequencies of stones and crystals and channeling your intentions into them, you can achieve the life of your dreams. Stones and crystals hold a transformational energy that can empower you on your journey, no matter what the destination or end goal is. 

We select only the highest quality healing stones and crystal from trusted sources to ensure that each piece arrives to its new home with the highest vibrational frequency. We buy from those we trust, and at the end of the day, we want the same for you. Most of our jewelry pieces are handmade with love and care and we put positive energy and vibes into everything we do and sell. 

Each piece is meant to elevate, enlighten, and align the mind + body + spirt. We hope that you enjoy our timeless pieces as much as we do. Namaste.


P.S. If you'd like to dig deeper into learning more about crystals, what they are used for, their healing properties and how best to utilize them in your daily life, then I'd recommend checking out the following resource articles. It's often best to start with the intention you're aiming for first, then move on to the next of interest. 

  • Not sure which crystals mean what or what you should start with? No problem, we've got a quick-read guide for that! The best place for you to start on your learning journey is here: "The Best Crystals To Have For Beginners"
  • If you want a more detailed breakdown of what each crystal is used for then I'd checkout this resource article: "Healing Crystals Guide: Essential Crystals For Healing & Thriving"
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  • Does the law of attraction fascinate you? If so, this article on the "Tips On How To Harness The 7 Laws of Attraction" might be right up your alley.
  • Looking for some quick how-to instructions? Look no further! This resource guide is chock full of practical advice on how crystals can best serve you right now: " 9 Best Ways To Use Healing Crystals To Benefit Your Life".
  • You can always check out our blog for more information on specific stones or reach out to us directly with any questions you might have.