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Lunar Allure - Moonstone Drop Earrings

Let the moon's intuitive spirit bring emotional healing and stability within you through the guidance of these Moonstone drop earrings. Moonstone is a transformative healing crystal that calms your heart when your mind is clouded with fears, anger, and unresolved frustrations. Just like the moon's ever-changing phases, Moonstone reminds you that there is beauty in the transitions of your life.

If you often feel overwhelmed with emotions and can't accept the new beginnings in your life, Moonstone can help you ease the transition phase and realize the importance of this experience.

  • Silver drop earrings shaped in a hollow crescent moon filled with intricate star details, a Moonstone crystal bead, and accentuated by dangling crystals
  • Overall length of a drop earring is around 27 mm.
  • Length of the crescent moon with Moonstone crystal is about 13 mm.

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