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Beads of Rescue - Rhodonite Beaded Bracelet

Release yourself from the festering grudges and emotional scars in your heart and bring inner peace within through the aid of this Rhodonite beaded bracelet. Rhodonite is a healing crystal that enables you to release self-destructive tendencies and helps you forgive yourself and others. It aids in taking back projections and examining the exit wounds of a relationship so you can begin to move on.

Widely known as the "Rescue Stone," Rhodonite can help you acknowledge your pain but also help you move forward without succumbing to the dark recesses of your mind.

  • Beaded bracelet consisting of Rhodonite stone beads and highlights a lotus 
  • Length of bracelet is approximately 94 cm.
  • Rhodonite beads have a diameter of around 8 mm.


When Reiki energy is infused into natural crystals, it magnifies the healing power. It gets 'charged' with protective, positive energy and increases the effectiveness of the crystal's natural healing vibrations. Powerful mantras are recited over the jewelry and healing reiki energy is poured into it from our certified Reiki Master.

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We select only the highest quality home decor, accessories, and healing stones and crystals from trusted sources. Our jewelry pieces are handmade with love and care and we put positive energy and vibes into everything we do and sell.

Each piece is meant to elevate, enlighten, and align the mind + body + spirit. We hope that you enjoy our timeless pieces as much as we do. Namaste.



To maintain the quality of your new Healing Designed jewelry, please ensure the following:

- Remove the jewelry when going to sleep, working out, and showing or swimming.
- Avoid contact with perfumes, body oils, and other chemicals.



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